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Public Seat Selection Process (Football & Men's Basketball)

This is an exciting time to be a part of The Ohio State University. With the success of the newly implemented faculty/staff seat selection program for football and men's basketball, we are expanding this opportunity to all football season ticket holders. Beginning with the 2016 football season, we are giving season ticket holders the opportunity to select their own seats.

Football: The 2016 Seat Selection Process will allow full season ticket holders to select their seat locations through an online process which will occur after all season ticket orders have been processed. Seat selection windows will be assigned based on the donor priority point system. Once you have selected your seats for the 2016 season, you will be guaranteed those seats for four seasons (2016-2019), as long as you continue to make qualifying gifts (if applicable) and ticket payments by the payment deadlines.

Men's Basketball: The renewal period for 2014-15 Men's Basketball will be July 1-25, 2014. Season ticket holders will be able to upgrade/move their season ticket locations during early September. Seat selection windows will begin in early September after all orders have been processed and will be determined based on consecutive years of men's basketball season ticket purchases.

Season ticket holders will have the capability to compare multiple seat locations and become familiar with the web-based program in the time leading up to their appointed selection time. This technology has been used recently by other peer institutions and will display real-time data on what seat locations are available for selection. Many common questions can be answered by referencing the Seat Selection Brochure links on this page and/or by reading the FAQs below. You can also check out the brand new Ohio State Football Virtual Venue™ and Ohio State Men's Basketball Virtual Venue™ by clicking the links included on this page!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Public Seat Selection Process

Why is the seat selection process taking place now?
This program enables season ticket holders to select their own seats in a transparent and convenient way. By utilizing this new technology, ticket holders will be able to take ownership of their seating assignment. Each customer will be able to establish his or her own preferences (seating deck, low or high, aisle or middle, etc.) and choose accordingly.

What other universities/colleges utilize a similar program?
Numerous schools use a similar process to adjust seating on a regular basis including: Iowa, South Carolina, Penn State and Tennessee. Some of these schools utilize a seat selection process annually while others stagger the seat selection process.

Why do donors receive priority in the seat selection process?
It is important to our institution to have a system in place that properly rewards those who support Ohio State. The University appreciates the support from all of our season ticket holders. Our loyal and generous donors have supported Ohio State with resources and generous contributions. This support should be reflected in seating selection.

Will I purchase season tickets during the seat selection process?
No. As in past years, you will receive your ticket renewal email and will complete the online ticket renewal process during the month of March. If you submit payment for your ticket renewal by the payment deadline, you will receive your seat selection time shortly after the renewal period has ended.

Will I make my donation during the 2016 seat selection process?
No. If you want to make a donation that will impact your donor priority points for the 2016 season, you should make your Buckeye Club or President's Club contribution by Dec. 31, 2015.

How many tickets can I order?
Season ticket qualifications will not change. You will be able to order and select as many seats as you qualify for based upon your membership level(s) at the time.

Can I still have my Buckeye Club/President's Club seats next to other season tickets I am eligible to purchase?
Yes. Buckeye Club/President's Club full season ticket holders who wish to have their seats assigned next to their other season tickets (i.e. Athletic Committeemen, Faculty/Staff, Long Time Purchaser, Varsity O) will be able to indicate that choice during the online season renewal process. Buckeye Club/President's Club members have two options:
1) select all seats during your donor selection window;
2) select your donor seats during your donor selection window and your other seats during the window for your other designated group;

If I have club seats, will they be subject to the seat selection process?
No. Each club seat holder will retain their current seats during the 2016 seat selection process as long as you qualify for your club seats and continue to fulfill the obligations in your contract.

How often will the seat selection process take place?
The seat selection process will occur every four years, starting with the 2016 season. Season ticket holders may adjust their selection each season based on availability. The next full seat selection is scheduled to take place prior to the 2020 season.

How will I be notified about my Seat Selection Window?
Season ticket holders will be sent seat selection window information via email and U.S. Postal Mail. This mailing will include step-by-step instructions for using the online site to select seats.

If I have B-Box or D-Box seats in 2015, will I be able to retain them during the seat selection process?
Possibly. B-Box and D-Box seats will be made available to qualifying groups during the seat selection process. When your selection window opens, you will have the opportunity to pick these seats, if available. Please keep in mind, there is a price difference for B-Box and D-Box seats.

What is my donor priority point ranking and how can I improve my ranking?
Your 2014 priority points are shown in the letter that was mailed to you. The seating chart on page six of this brochure will show an estimated location of qualifying point totals for each section of the stadium for the 2014 season. The best way to improve your points is to make a contribution to the Buckeye Club or the President's Club by Dec. 31, 2015.
Current Gift x 4% (from Jan. 1, 2015 - Dec. 31, 2015)
Past Gift(s) x 2% (Prior to Jan.1, 2015)
Irrevocable Gift x 1% (Sum of face values)*
Revocable Gift x 0.5% (Sum of face values)**
*(Annuities and trusts established through the University)
Note: Payments for season tickets and parking are not considered gifts

Who do I contact for questions about my eligibility and points?
You may contact the Buckeye Club at (614) 292-9908 or the President's Club at (614) 292-9550 for more information regarding your priority point total.

Will I lose my seats in Ohio Stadium if I do not make a donation to the Buckeye Club or the President's Club?
Everyone who has season tickets for the 2015 season will retain the same number of seats in 2016, as long as the appropriate qualifying gifts are made. Your seat location may change based upon your ranking within the seat selection process.

How can I improve my rank and position myself to choose the best available seat location?
You may improve your rank by increasing your Buckeye Club and/or President's Club donation prior to Dec. 31, 2015. Your priority point ranking as of Dec. 31, 2015 will determine the order in which you will choose your seats during the 2016 seat selection process. Final priority is based on total points and not membership level. For more information on accruing and/or increasing your donor priority points, please contact the Buckeye Club or President's Club.

If I order fewer tickets, will I improve my location?
Not necessarily. A lesser quantity ordered may provide more flexibility in selecting seats, but it will be impossible to predict availability prior to the online selection process.

How will the seat selection process take place?
The 2016 seat selection will utilize the new Ohio State Football Virtual Venue™ to assist in the seat selection process. This online system allows season ticket holders to choose seats during a specific window of time. Each full season ticket holder will have a scheduled window of time in which to log-in to their online ticket account and choose their seats. A 3-D view of Ohio Stadium from the seats will be available to preview before choosing your seats. Appointment times will be assigned based on the donor priority point system. Ticket holders with the highest point totals will select first. Appointment times will be staggered, every 30 minutes.

Can I see the Ohio State Football Virtual Venue™ before I log in to select seats?
A link to the Ohio State Football Virtual Venue™ is available by clicking here. While this Virtual Venue will not show you the exact seat inventory available for you to select, it will allow you to familiarize yourself with the look and feel of the seating map. You will not be able to see actual seating availability until you log into your Ohio State Buckeyes Account during your seat selection window.

What if I miss my appointment time?
Your assigned seating window reflects the earliest time you may log-in to select seats. Those who miss their scheduled appointment time may log-in to self-select seats at any time after their appointment time has started. Please keep in mind that if you miss your scheduled appointment time, other season ticket holders may be choosing seats at their assigned times which will affect seating availability.

What Internet Browser is needed to complete the Seat Selection Process? Can I use my iPad?
Seat selections can be made using most models of computer/tablets, but not all. You can complete the process on an iPad, but not an iPhone. If you're using a computer, please make sure it meets these guidelines:

  • Browser: Internet Explorer 9.0+, Mozilla Firefox 4.0+, Safari 5.1+, and Chrome 15+
  • The Ohio State Football Virtual Venue ™ is best viewed with the most updated version of Chrome. To download this most recent version, click HERE.
  • As a reminder, the seat selection process CANNOT be completed on a smart phone.

Is there an option to select my seats if I do not own a computer?
Yes. Many libraries have free computer access and you can always ask a family member or friend to help you with this process.

Can I log-in and select different seats after I've already selected seats?
No. You can browse available inventory for as long as you would like after your seat selection window opens. But, you may only complete the actual seat selection process one time. Once you have finalized your seat selection, you will not be able to log back in and alter your seat selection.

What if I want to sit with a group of people?
With the online selection process, each individual will be given an appointment time for seating based on their respective donor priority point ranking. Each group member needs to coordinate his or her selection with the appointment time of the lowest ranked person within their group; and, at that time, each group member can log into the online system and choose their seats together. NOTE: since all seats will be selected online, each person in the group will need access to a computer when coordinating the location of their seating location to simultaneously make their selections.
Each group member can log in at their assigned time and check the availability of seats, having the opportunity to make their selections at that point, should they wish to forgo their group seating based on the lowest ranked person's selection time within the group.

Will anyone retain their current seats?
Seats contractually committed by the University to club seat holders, corporations, as well as commitments to student seating, visiting teams, media, government officials and other Athletics/University departmental commitments are not subject to the seat selection process.
All full season ticket holders will receive a selection time per their donor priority point total, and, if their previous seats are available, will have the opportunity to select them.

Can I select different seats in 2017?
Yes, but it will be based on availability. The seats you select during the online selection process in 2016 will be guaranteed for four years. Each season within that four year period, you will have the opportunity to utilize the online system and select different seats, based both upon your donor priority points for that season and available seating inventory. If you wish to maintain the seats you select in 2016, you do not need to select new seats in 2017.

How do I obtain handicap accessible seats or seats because of mobility issues?
Full season ticket holders will be asked about special seating needs during the season ticket renewal process. All individuals requesting disability seating also will be required to submit a disability needs form indicating their particular needs. Individuals requiring seating in wheelchair accessible rows, or specific seating to meet other disability needs will be able to call 1-800-GOBUCKS during their assigned seat selection window for assistance with selecting seats from the available inventory that meet their specific needs. Once your disability needs form has been received, a member of the Athletics Ticket Office staff will follow up with you to give you instructions as to how to select appropriate seats during your seat selection window.

NOTE: A signed disability needs form must be received by the Athletics Ticket Office as part of your 2016 football renewal to ensure you have access to disability seating during your seat selection window.

Who do I contact for questions that may not be answered in this brochure?
You may email You also may contact the Buckeye Club office at (614) 292-9908, the President's Club at (614) 292-9550 or the Athletics Ticket Office at (614) 292-2624 for more information.

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