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The award recognizes collegiate athletes whose athletic accomplishments, in the opinion of their strength coach, reflect their dedication to strength training and conditioning. The athletes also are recognized for their academic and personal accomplishments and their integrity as student-athletes.


Mark Crawford
Men's Lacrosse
Junior/Special Education
Height: 5' 11", Weight: 200

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 265 lbs., Squat: 450 lbs.
Vertical Jump: 28.5", 40 yard-dash: 4.7 sec.
5-10-5: 4.40

"Mark is a leader in the weight room and pushes his teammates to their limits while also testing his own. Mark can be counted on to do whatever needs to be done in order to get the team going. At times Mark is a vocal leader, but he always leads by example. Mark is also an excellent student and embodies what a student/athlete and competitor should be."
- Andy Britton, CSCS

John Tholen
Men's Volleyball
RS Junior/Middle Blocker
Mechanical Engineering
Height: 6' 6", Weight: 205

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 235 lbs., Squat: 376 lbs.
Power Clean: 239 lbs., Vertical Jump: 36.5"
5-10-5: 4.11

"John is a true example of a leader. He leads by example in the weight room and makes everybody better just by being present. His work ethic and dedication is what you want every athlete to possess. John truly deserves this award and I am priviledged to have had the opportunity to train him for his entire athletic career."
- Andy Britton, CSCS


Ingrid Aasaaren
Women's Rowing
3 Seat
Senior/ International Business
Height: 5'8"

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 160 lbs., Squat: 200 lbs.

"Ingrid is the epitome of overcoming adversity frequently hampered by a back injury throughout her career. She made the needed workout adjustment and continued to push through. She is an inspiration to her teammates and coaches ."
- Kim Dally-Badgeley, CSCS

Pete Boyd
Men's Ice Hockey
Senior/ Early Childhood Development
Height: 5'10", Weight 190

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 315 lbs., Squat: 490 lbs.,
Vertical Jump: 30", 5-10-5: 4.43

"Pete is one of the hardest workers I have ever coached. A tireless worker and leader not only on the ice but in the weight room as well."
-Lee Anthony Glass, CSCS (Director of Strength and Conditioning)

Dee Dee Hillman
Senior/ Sport and Leisure Studies
Height: 5' 0", Weight 132

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 145 lbs., Squat: 285 lbs.
Power Clean: 155 lbs., 20-yard dash: 2.77 sec.
5-10-5: 4.59

"Dee Dee is a leader. She is the student-athlete you want the entire team to model after. Her work ethic, discipline and positive attitude is contagious. She was never out-worked in the weight room or on the field. Dee Dee was always willing to go above and beyond what was required since the day she stepped on campus. Her willingness to sacrifice to succeed earned her all the success and accolades she has received."
- Andy Britton, CSCS

Leticia Wright
Women's Track and Field
Height: 5' 4 1/4", Weight: 132

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 140 lbs., Squat: 255 lbs.
Power Clean: 140 lbs., Vertical Jump: 24.5"

Personal Accomplishments:
2011 Indoor All-American (60 m hurdles)
Two-time Big Ten Champion (4x100 m)
Six-time All Big Ten Performer
Four-time Big Ten Athlete of the week
2011 Big Ten Sportsmanship Award recipient

"Tish is a great team leader and dedicated athlete to her sport. It has been a pleasure to train and see Tish reach high levels of athletic success."
- Hannah Ross Sackett, CSCS


Whitney Cooper
2nd Base
Senior/ Financial Planning
Height: 5' 9"

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 135 lbs., Squat: 300 lbs.
Power Clean: 192.7, 20-yard dash: 3.03 sec.
5-10-5: 4.86

"The success of the softball team can be attributed to, in part, her leadership. Her attitude of "going all out, all of the time" has strongly influenced the culture of the team. Whitney is an all around athlete that won't be easily replaced."
- Tom Palumbo, CSCS

Steven Kehoe
Men's Volleyball

Junior/ Business
Height: 6' 4", Weight: 187

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 240 lbs., Squat: 350 lbs.
Vertical Jump: 33", 40-yard dash: 4.69 sec.
5-10-5: 4.14

"Steven is extremely dedicated and disciplined in the weight room. He leads by example and by pushing himself and his teammates every single day. His tremendous work ethic in the weight room has helped him achieve all his deserved success."
- Andy Britton, CSCS

Lauren "Taz" Robertson
Women's Soccer
Height: 5' 61/2", Weight: 175

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 165 lbs., Vertical Jump: 19.5"
40-yard dash: 5.5 sec.
5-10-5: 4.85

"Taz is a fearless hard worker whom is committed to raising the bar for herself and those around her. Taz's great attitude and leadership skills in the weight room has influenced others to enjoy the benefits of strength and conditioning. "
- Hannah Ross Sackett CSCS


Sean Collins
Ice Hockey
Senior/ Family Resource Management
Height: 6' 1", Weight: 210

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 235 lbs., Vertical Jump: 30.5"
Power Clean: 240 lbs., 40-yard dash: 4.7 sec.
5-10-5: 4.46

"Collins is a leader in every form, on the ice, in the classroom, in the weight room, and as team captain. He has grown both physically and mentally through strength and conditioning."
- Lee Glass (CSCS, NSCA member sponsor)

Christina Douglas
First Base
Senior/ Finance
Height: 5'5", Weight: 171

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 150 lbs., Power Clean: 165 lbs.
5-10-5: 4.92

Dougie has the mental toughness of a warrior and has a never-give-in attitude. She is a standout on a team of Buckeyes who are dedicated in the weight room and on the field. Christina was the obvious choice."
- Tom Palumbo, CSCS


Nate Guenin
Ice Hockey
Height: 6'2", Weight: 210

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 315 lbs., Squat: 505 lbs.
Vertical Jump: 32", Power Clean: 275
5-10-5: 4.80

"Nate is the Captain of the Hockey team, he is a true leader on and off the ice. Strength training has helped him gain the weight and strength necessary to perform at the next level."
- Lee Glass (GSCS, NSCA member sponsor)

Jessica Davenport
Junior/Family Resource Management
Height: 6'5", Weight: 205

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 150 lbs., Squat: 205 lbs.
Vertical Jump: 23", Power Clean: 145
5-10-5: 5.00

"Jessica has won Player of the Year and All-American each of her college years, abd she continues to improve. Strength training has greatly improved her confidence on and off the court. She is a born leader that lacked the physical development necessary for her position at the college level but used the off-season to make great strides."
- Lee Anthony Glass (NSCA member sponsor)


Brent Billet
184 Weight Class
Height: N/A, Weight: 184

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 295 lbs., Squat: 425 lbs.
Vertical Jump: N/A, Power Clean: 265

"A hard worker and his leadership in the weight room shows on the mat"
- Lee Anthony Glass (NSCA member sponsor)

Stacey Gordon
Outside Hitter
Senior/Sport and Leisure Studies
Height: 5'11", Weight: N/A

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 145 lbs., Squat: 275 lbs.
Vertical Jump: 27", Power Clean: 160
5-10-5: 4.40

"Possibly the best all-around female athlete that I have ever worked with. She is a proven winner on and off the court."
- Lee Anthony Glass (NSCA member sponsor)


Caity Matter
Women's Basketball
Junior/ Communications
Height: 5'9'', Weight: 170

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 160lbs., Squat: 250lbs.
Vertical Jump: 25, Power Clean: 170
5-10-5: 4.60

"Caity has been a leader in the weight room and court since arriving at OSU. She has natural drive that I wish all of our athletes could achieve."
- Lee Anthony Glass (Director of Strength and Conditioning)

Mark Peckham
Men's Volleyball
Senior/Business Finance
Height: 6'5'', Weight: 192

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 225, Squat: 340
Vertical Jump: 32.5, 5-10-5: 4.40

"Mark is a tough competitor with a refuse to lose attitude. His accomplishments include Academic All-Big Ten, 3rd team MIVA All-Conference Selection, ranked 12th nationally in assists, and was invited to train with the Canadian National Team."
- Erick Schork (Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Allison Hanna
Women's Golf
Junior/ Business Finance
Height: 5'10'', Weight: 180

"Allison is one of the hardest working athletes I've had. She works out all year round and brings much respect to the game of golf."
- Kim Dally-Badgely (Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach)

A.J. Webber
Men's Soccer
Senior/ Real Estate and Urban Analysis
Height: 5'11'', Weight: 180

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 250, Squat: 408
Standing Long Jump: 7'11.5", 5-10-5: 4.29

"AJ leads the team at conditioning sessions and in the weight room. His excellent work ethic and strong dedication to strength training and conditioning is very apparent on the soccer field as well."
- Molly Stickel (Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach)


Velimir Radinovic
Men's Basketball
Junior/ English
Height: 7', Weight: 245

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 250 lbs., Squat: 400 lbs.,
Vertical Jump: 32", Power Clean: 225 lbs.

"Vel is an outstanding kid who works hard in the weight room. He has gained 30 pounds since his freshman year. All of his lifts have gone up over 75 pounds."
-Lee Anthony Glass (Director of Strength and Conditioning)

Scott Titus
Men's Ice Hockey
Senior/ Biology
Height: 5'10", Weight 185

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 245 lbs., Squat: 450 lbs.,
Vertical Jump: 33", Power Clean: 245 lbs.,

"Scott has grown into an outstanding leader and was elected team captain his senior year. His ability to transfer his work in the weight room to his achievements on the ice has inspired his entire team."
-Erick Schork (Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Jennifer Miller
Women's Soccer
Junior/ Mechanical Engineering
Height: 5'7"

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 135 lbs., Squat: 225 lbs.

"Jen is dedicated and self-motivated, with a work ethic that every coach dreams of."
-Kathy Crowe (Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Katie Virtue
Women's Volleyball
Senior/ Marketing
Height: 5'9

Personal Bests:
Bench Press: 140 lbs., Squat: 270 lbs.,
Vertical Jump: 24", Power Clean: 140 lbs.

"Katie is the hardest working athlete I've had the pleasure of working with. She is a great team leader as well. Katie was Big Ten Freshman of the Year."
-Lee Anthony Glass (Director of Strength and Conditioning)

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