Team Participates in Iron Chef Event

Go Buckeyes!
Go Buckeyes!

Go Buckeyes!

Nov. 27, 2012

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COLUMBUS, Ohio- The Ohio State women’s track and field team recently participated in an “Iron Chef” cook-off event, Nov. 2.

The team-building activity highlighted the importance of proper nutrition and healthy cooking. The theme of the cook-off was “Iron Rich,” which was to showcase the importance of iron for not only women in training but also for all women to maintain healthier lives.

The squad broke down into six separate teams which each then made a meal from their own recipes. The competition was judged on taste, smell, appearance and iron quality. The judges included Jenna Griffin, former All-American track student-athlete at Ohio State and current OSU graduate student studying nutrition; Rae Everson, OSU women’s track and field athletic trainer; and Katie Smith, former Buckeye women’s basketball great, Olympian, and current graduate student studying nutrition. The winning team was captained by Aisha Cavin with their meal of salmon and scallops on a bed of greens and fruits.

According to the Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center website, Iron is an important mineral the body needs to make hemoglobin, a substance in the blood that carries oxygen from the lungs to tissues throughout the body. Iron is also an important part of many other proteins and enzymes needed by the body for normal growth and development. It is found in red meat, fish, poultry, lentils, beans, and foods with iron added, such as cereal.