Former Buckeyes Pursue Professional Career with Aqualillies

Jackie Mundy and Hannah Shively Morris performing on ABC's
Jackie Mundy and Hannah Shively Morris performing on ABC's

Oct. 7, 2013

COLUMBUS, Ohio – For several former members of the Ohio State synchronized swimming team, their passion for synchronized swimming has developed into a professional career with the Aqualillies, a synchronized swimming entertainment company. Former Buckeyes Diana Care (2009), Jackie Mundy (2010), Rita Gillan (2010), Hannah Shively Morris (2010), Caitlin Stewart (2010), Michelle Theriault (2011), Paige Ramsey (2013), Jillian Szabo (2009) and Jane Kok are part of this talented group of entertainers.

“Synchronized swimming is a sport for life,” Caitlin Stewart, a member of the Aqualillies and Ohio State volunteer coach during the 2012-13 season, said. “The transition from Ohio State was a natural progression because it brought me back to why I loved the sport. It combines the classic elegance and style of old Hollywood, mixed with a whole lot of fun.”

The Aqualillies have showcased their talents on television shows such as “Glee” and “Splash”, Disney World commercials, TED conferences and special celebrity functions. The group also was featured in a Justin Bieber music video as well as in magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire and the New York Times.

“I dove at the opportunity to continue to have a venue for performance and expression with this company,” Rita Gillan, a three-time Academic All-Big Ten selection, said. “My most memorable experience was shooting a promotional commercial for Disney World. It was a reunion with many of my Buckeye teammates and brought together ‘Lillies from all over the country to perform together.”



The camaraderie of the former teammates has carried over into their professional career with the ensemble.

“I love having other Buckeyes in the Aqualillies,” Care, a three-time letterwinner for Ohio State, said. “It's a special friendship and I feel like those girls are my sisters. I am so thankful I can do what I love with people I love.”

Ohio State provided a foundation for the Buckeyes to excel beyond the collegiate level and transition into this professional role.

“Ohio State prepared me a great deal for the Aqualillies,” Care said. “I learned a huge amount of discipline, how to work hard and think fast, but the most important thing it taught me was to never give up on your dream.” 

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