Buckeyes Dominate Competition at Jessica Beck Memorial Meet

Go Buckeyes!
Go Buckeyes!

Go Buckeyes!

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Ohio State synchronized swimming team hosted its second meet this season against Ball State, Boston University, Miami (Ohio), Michigan and Wheaton College in the fifth-annual Jessica Beck Memorial Meet at the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion Saturday. The Scarlet and Gray finished with the top spot in each routine en route to scoring 93 points.

With two outstanding team performances, Ohio State debuted its newest routines for 2011. The Scarlet squad, consisting of Deborah Shim, Alex Beckett, Lauren Nicholson, Lauren Robinson, Chelsea Aton, Colleen Courtmanche, Java Nikbakht and Paige Ramsey placed first with a mark of 95.50. Raquel Aguado, Lara Tutton, Katie LaBounty, Liana Litsky, Jenny Mann, Julia Gaylard, Caitlin Hoffman and Kayley Colville represented the Gray squad for a second place finish with 91.0 points.

Freshman Yuliya Maryanko again wowed the crowd with her solo routine. The Ukraine native was the lone Buckeye showcasing a solo routine with a score of 95.0. Maryanko and teammate Michelle Theriault also won the duet competition with a 94.167.

The Buckeyes performed two trio routines. Ramsey, Nicholson and Robinson took first place overall, scoring a 91.667. Behind them were fellow Ohio State synchronized swimmers Theriault, Beckett and Nikbakht with an 89.833.

Up next, the Buckeyes will travel to Virginia to compete against Richmond and William & Mary Feb. 12 and 13, respectively.

Feb. 5, 2011
Jessica Beck Memorial Meet
McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion
Columbus, Ohio

Final Points
3. MIAMI 45
4. BOSTON 43

Team Routine
1. Ohio State Scarlet (Shim, Beckett, Nicholson, Robinson, Aton, Courtmanche, Nikbakht, Ramsey) - 95.50
2. Ohio State Gray (Aguado, Tutton, LaBounty, Litsky, Mann, Gaylard, Hoffman, Colville) - 91.0
3. Wheaton (Butera, Chicoine, Dyster, Gordon, Hare, Watkins, Wagman, Wendth) - 86.833
4. Boston (Faller, Harrison, Marmet, McAnallen, Scott, Sgouros) - 70.333
5. Miami (Dillard, O'Donnell, Finnell, Yoder, Jackson, Nicholson, Roszak, Foster) - 66.833
6. Michigan (Bander, Gurley, Gianchandani, Solarwicz, Zahul, Hartman, Biester) - 64.083
7. Ball State (Callejo, Zaiko, Fiddler, Tuttle, Donika) - 62.083
8. Ball State (Macias, Iraheta, Vorbroker, Speraw, Erick, Rody) - 58.667

1. Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) - 95.0
2. Christina Butera (Wheaton) - 86.0
3. Rebecca Gordon (Wheaton) - 81.833
4. Annie Dillard (Miami) - 77.833
5. Rebecca Yoder (Miami) - 58.0

1. Michelle Theriault, Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) - 94.167
2. Christina Butera, Kirsten Wendth (Wheaton) - 83.833
3. Christine Dyster, Holly Wagman (Wheaton) - 80.667
4. Annie Dillard, Emily Wille (Miami) - 72.833
5. Katherine McAnallen, Ellen Scott (Boston) - 66.833
6. Joanna Solarwicz, Callie Zahul (Michigan) - 61.833
7. Jessica Harman, Emily Biester (Michigan) - 60.50T
7. Emorie Finnell, Ellen Jackson (Miami) - 60.50T

1. Paige Ramsey, Lauren Nicholson, Lauren Robinson (Ohio State) - 91.667
2. Michelle Theriault, Alex Beckett, Java Nikbakht (Ohio State) - 89.833
3. Nicole Chicoine, Christine Dyster, Kirsten Wendth (Wheaton) - 79.167
4. Christina Marmett, Katherine McAnallen, Ellen Scott (Boston) - 69.333
5. Veronica Faller, Sarah Harrison, Rebecca Sgouros (Boston) - 66.667
6. Lindsey Bander. Ashlyn Gurley, Sachi Gianchandani (Michigan) - 63.167