Gray Squad Set to Compete in the Minnesota Invitational

Go Buckeyes! Members of the Gray Squad will compete at Minnesota Jan. 28.
Go Buckeyes!
Members of the Gray Squad will compete at Minnesota Jan. 28.
Go Buckeyes!

Jan. 26, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Ohio State synchronized swimming team's Gray Squad is on the road to Minneapolis for the University of Minnesota Invitational Saturday for its first away meet of the season. The meet is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. ET at the Art Downey Aquatic Complex. The Buckeyes will be competing in the Invitational for the first time since the 2000 season where they won the meet with 100 points.

Competing for the Gray Squad
Solo: Krissy Irwin
Solo: Katie LaBounty
Duet: Jenny Mann, Kayley Colville
Trio: Natalie Gaylard, Julia Gaylard, Samantha Golomb
Trio: Lara Tutton, Caitlin Hoffman, Jane Kok
Team: Kayley Colville, Jenny Mann, Heidi Lou, Katie LaBounty, Lara Tutton, Krissy Irwin, Caitlin Hoffman, Julia Gaylard, Samantha Golomb, Jane Kok



Last Time Out
Ohio State defeated Michigan in its 2012 season opener, 96-66.5, at the McCorckle Aquatic Pavilion Jan. 21-22.

Capturing the first victory of the season was sophomore Yuliya Maryanko earning a score of 88.170 in the solo competition. Calgary, Alberta native Krissy Irwin took second with an 82.340 in her Ohio State debut.

Maryanko and Paige Ramsey led the way in the duet routine, claiming first with a score of 85.830. Second-place went to juniors Kayley Colville and Jenny Mann with an 80.170.

In the trio competition, Alex Beckett, Maryanko and Ramsey combined for the win with a score of 88.50. Teammates Lauren Nicholson, Lauren Robinson and Khadija Zanotto took second by earning a score of 86.50. Caitlin Hoffman, Jane Kok and Lara Tutton placed third with an 80.170 with an honorary routine in the trio competition.

Head Coach Linda Lichter-Witter
Linda Lichter-Witter is entering her 17th season as head coach of the Buckeyes. Her impressive 596-21-1 record entering this season speaks to her hard work and dedication. Lichter-Witter-led teams have either become national runners-up or, more often than not, national champions. In all, the Buckeyes have won 10 national championships and have been runners-up six other times. As only the second coach of the varsity squad at Ohio State, Lichter-Witter started with and maintains excellence with her teams and has secured Ohio State's mark as one of the best collegiate synchronized swimming teams year in and year out.

Up Next
Ohio State will host the sixth-annual Jessica Beck Memorial Meet at McCorkle at 2 p.m. ET Feb. 4.