Buckeyes Compete in Semifinals of U.S. Collegiate Championships

Go Buckeyes! Lauren Nicholson and Chelsea Aton
Go Buckeyes!
Lauren Nicholson and Chelsea Aton
Go Buckeyes!

March 22, 2013

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Ohio State synchronized swimming team performed trio, duet and solo routines in the first day of competition at the 2013 U.S. Collegiate Championships Thursday in Palo Alto, Calif. The Buckeyes secured spots in Saturday's final competition for all eligible solo, duet and trio routines.  

Friday's schedule features A, B, C and D technical competitions as well as team routines. To follow along with all the action, a free live video stream is available at http://takeitlive.tv/livesynchro/.

Junior Yuliya Maryanko posted a second place finish in the solo routine with an 88.3875. Lindenwood's Mary Killman, who claimed first place in solo at North Regional Championships, topped Maryanko with an 89.250.

Kristine Irwin, Heidi Liou and Katie LaBounty each performed a solo exhibition routine. Irwin totaled a score of 81.8125, while LaBounty was awarded a 78.4250. Liou collected a score of 77.8750 for her routine.

Maryanko and Paige Ramsey teamed up in the duet competition to score an 86.4250. The duo is third behind a pair of Stanford teams.

Two Buckeye trios placed in the top five. Chelsea Aton, Lauren Nicholson and Paige Ramsey earned an 85.3000 to take fourth place. Kayley Colville, Katie Spada and Khadija Zanotto finished fifth in the trio competition with an 85.1500.



Competing an exhibition trio routine, Julia Gaylard, Natalie Gaylard and Samantha Golomb posted a score of 78.6250.

Last season, the Buckeyes captured their fourth-consecutive U.S. Collegiate Championship and earned six All-American honors. Ohio State tallied two gold-medal finishes during the competition in trio and solo routines en route to the victory. Maryanko was crowned the individual high point winter of the event and also claimed first place in the A Technical competition.

In its 36-year history, the Ohio State synchronized swimming program has won 28 U.S. Collegiate Championship titles.

For more information on this year's event, visit http://www.usasynchro.org/Events/champs12/2013_US_Collegiate_Championships.htm.


2013 U.S. Collegiate National Championships

March 21, 2013

Avery Aquatic Center

Stanford University

Palo Alto, Calif.


Solo Semifinal (Top 5)

1.       Mary Killman (Lindenwood), 89.6250

2.       Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State), 88.3875

3.       Svetlana Ponkratova (Canisius), 87.3000

4.       Rosilyn May Tegart (Incarnate Word), 86.5875

5.       Kayla Moses (Wheaton College), 77.9250


Duet Semifinal (Top 5)

1.       Megan Hansley/Olivia Morgan (Stanford), 89.3000

2.       Madison Crocker/Morgan Fuller (Stanford), 87.6125

3.       Yuliya Maryanko/Paige Ramsey (Ohio State), 87.4250

4.       Reem Abdalazem/Anouk Eman (Lindenwood), 86.7250

5.       Victoria Mintz/Svetlana Ponkratova (Canisius), 86.4000


Trio Semifinal

1. Morgan Fuller/Megan Handlsey/Olivia Morgan (SUS), 89.2500

2.  Reem Abdalazem, Anouk Eman, Mary Killman (Lindenwood), 88.3125

3. Madison Crocker, Maria Koroleva, Michelle Moore (SUS), 87.6625

4. Chelsea Aton, Lauren Nicholson, Paige Ramsey (Ohio State), 85.3000

5. Kayley Colville, Katie Spada, Khadija Zanotto (Ohio State), 85.1500


Solo Exhibition Routines

Kristine Irwin (Ohio State), 81.8125

Katie LaBounty (Ohio State), 78.4250

Heidi Liou (Ohio State), 77.8750


Trio Exhibition Routines

Julia Gaylard, Natalie Gaylard, Samantha Golomb (Ohio State), 78.6250