Scarlet and Gray Secures 22nd North Regional Championship

Go Buckeyes! Ohio State will now prepare for the Collegiate National Championships in Gainesville, Fla., this Thursday-Saturday.
Go Buckeyes!
Ohio State will now prepare for the Collegiate National Championships in Gainesville, Fla., this Thursday-Saturday.
Go Buckeyes!

March 13, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio– The Ohio State synchronized swimming team won its 22nd North Regional Championship March 3 in St. Louis, Mo. The Buckeyes narrowly defeated Lindenwood 96-95 to claim the title. Finishing in third place was the University of Minnesota with 70 points.

In the team competition, Ohio State’s Scarlet and Gray teams finished second and third, respectively, between Lindenwood’s two teams that finished first and fourth. Colleen Courtmanche, Lauren Robinson, Lauren Nicholson, Katie Spada, Chelsea Aton, Khadija Zanotto and Alex Beckett scored a 90.875 on their way to claiming the silver medal. The Gray Team (Samantha Golomb, Krissy Irwin, Katie LaBounty, Jenny Mann, Caitlin Hoffman, Lara Tutton, Gaylard and Heidi Lou) finished a little more than one point behind the Scarlet Team as their third-place finish picked up an 89.750.



As has been the case all season, Yuliya Maryanko collected another gold medal in the solo routine after turning in a score of 90.250. The trio of Beckett, Aton and Maryanko brought in the second gold medal in the routine competition for Ohio State after scoring an 86.000. Nicholson, Robinson and Zanotto placed third in the trio competition with a score of 85.500, just .250 away from Lindenwood’s second-place team.

The technical aspect of the North Regional championships allowed the Buckeyes to bring home three more medals. Maryanko (85.126) and Courtmanche (80.785) placed first and third, respectively, in the A Figures while Julia Gaylard (68.220) picked up the silver medal in the B Figures.

Up Next
Ohio State will travel to Gainesville, Fla., to compete in the 2012 U.S. Collegiate National Championships Thursday-Saturday at the University of Florida’s O’Connell Center. The Buckeyes will seek their 28th collegiate title among teams from NCAA Divisions I, II and III, as well as programs from NAIA colleges and universities.   

Head coach Linda Lichter-Witter is vying for her 11th collegiate nationals title and fourth-consecutive. Since the event's inception in 1977, Ohio State has won the championship 27 times. 

Flashback to the 2011 U.S. Collegiate Championships
For the third-consecutive year, the Buckeyes left the collegiate nationals on top last season. Their win was No. 27 for the program and the 10th under Lichter-Witter. Wins in the solo and trio helped put the Scarlet and Gray above the competition. Ohio State collected 93 points at the Town of Tonawanda Aquatic and Fitness Center in Buffalo, N.Y., just ahead of the Stanford Cardinal who finished second with 90 points.  

Yuliya Maryanko used her dazzling solo to win the routine in her inaugural collegiate nationals with a score of 91.625. Maryanko and Michelle Theriault had a runner-up finish in the duet after scoring a 91.250 in Theriault’s farewell. 

Two Ohio State trios placed in the Top 3 with Alex Beckett, Deborah Shim and Theriault (90.500) winning the routine and Lauren Nicholson, Paige Ramsey and Robinson taking third after scoring an 89.750.

In the most anticipated event of the competition, the Buckeyes used a score of 92.875 to finish just behind Stanford in the team routine. Chelsea Aton, Beckett, Colleen Courtmanche, Nicholson, Ramsey, Robinson, Shim and Theriault combined for that second-place finishing team. 

2012 North Regional Championships 
March 3, 2012 
St. Peters Rec-Plex 
St. Louis, Mo.

Overall Team Scores
1. Ohio State - 96
2. Lindenwood - 95
3. Minnesota - 70
4. Colorado State - 54
5. Carleton - 52
6. Michigan - 51.5
7. Miami (Ohio) - 40.5

1. Lindenwood (Abdalazem, Eman, Ramirez, Francese, Webb, Mendez, Shoemaker, Burdon) 91.125
2. Ohio State (Aton, Beckett, Courtmanche, Nicholson, Robinson, Spada, Zanotto) 90.875
3. Ohio State (Golomb, Mann, Irwin, Hoffman, Tutton, LaBounty, Liou, Gaylard) 89.750
4. Lindenwood (Wall, Lopez, Bertolini, Placha, Birkelo, Johnston, Walsh, Salazar) 87.375

1. Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) 90.250
2. Reem Abdalazem (Lindenwood) 89.375
3. Anna Peshock (Minnesota) 73.000

1. Abdalazem, Eman (Lindenwood) 88.125
2. Beckett, Maryanko (Ohio State) 85.250
3. Webb, Mendez (Lindenwood) 84.750

1. Beckett, Aton, Maryanko (Ohio State) 86.000
2. Eman, Ramirez, Francese (Lindenwood) 85.750
3. Nicholson, Robinson, Zanotto (Ohio State) 85.500

A Figures
1. Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) 85.216
2. Reem Abdalazem (Lindenwood) 81.705
3. Colleen Courtmanche (Ohio State) 80.785
4. Anouk Eman (Lindenwood) 80.079

B Figures
1. Dennise Ramirez (Lindenwood) 69.718
2. Julia Gaylard (Ohio State) 68.220
3. Andrea Lopez (Lindenwood) 65.687

C Figures
1. Amanda Mendez (Lindenwood) 68.310
2. Federica Bertolini (Lindenwood) 65.849
3. Victoria Burdon (Lindenwood) 64.608

D Figures
1. Connie Alvarez (Minnesota) 61.245
2. Nicole Dickenson (Minnesota) 58.817
3. Molly Wootten (Carleton) 55.084