Buckeyes Dominate at Jessica Beck Memorial Meet

Go Buckeyes! Sophomore Yuliya Maryanko captured another solo event Saturday.
Go Buckeyes!
Sophomore Yuliya Maryanko captured another solo event Saturday.
Go Buckeyes!

Feb. 4, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio– The Ohio State synchronized swimming team captured the Jessica Beck Memorial Meet at the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion Saturday with a total score of 91 points. The Buckeyes defeated Incarnate Word, William & Mary, Michigan, Miami (Ohio) and Ball State in the meet honoring former Buckeye synchronized swimmer Jessica Beck.

Debuting their 2012 team routines to the home crowd at McCorkle, the Buckeyes finished first and third in the team competition. Ohio State’s Scarlet Team of Java Nikbakht, Khadija Zanotto, Lauren Robinson, Lauren Nicholson, Alex Beckett, Chelsea Aton, Katie Spada and Paige Ramsey took the top spot with a 91.330, while the Gray Team of Kayley Colville, Jenny Mann, Krissy Irwin, Jane Kok, Lara Tutton, Caitlin Hoffman, Samantha Golomb and Heidi Liou recorded an 87.33.



Ohio State also captured the duet competition with a final push from the team of Yuliya Maryanko and Ramsey. Maryanko and Ramsey tallied a 91.330 to best the second-place pair, Emily Burkhart and Braley Traub of the University of Incarnate Word.

In the trio event, the Buckeye squad of Beckett, Maryanko and Ramsey captured first with a score of 90.660. Following closely in second with an 88.660 were teammates Nicholson, Robinson and Zanotto. Maryanko also took the solo event with an impressive 91.670.

The Scarlet and Gray will return to action Feb. 11 for a pair of meets against Richmond in Virginia and at the Wheaton College Invitational in Norton, Mass.

Jessica Beck Memorial Meet
Feb. 4, 2012
McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion
Columbus, Ohio

Overall Score
1. Ohio State - 91
2. Incarnate Word - 73
3. William & Mary - 54
4. Michigan - 41
5. Miami (Ohio) - 29 6. Ball State - 7

Routines Trio
1. Beckett, Maryanko, Ramsey (Ohio State) 90.660
2. Nicholson, Robinson, Zanotto (Ohio State) 88.660
3. Burkhart, Traub, Lundblad (Incarnate Word) 85.660
4. Tillman, Silverman, Gadeken (William & Mary) 81.340
5. Davidson, Wallace, Cox (Incarnate Word) 80.83
6. Glukhova, Stavenhagen, Giachandani (Michigan) 59.17
7. Hunter, Pokriefka, Torano (Michigan) 57.670
8. Winters, Walsh, Yeoman (Ball State) 54.500

1. Maryanko, Ramsey (Ohio State) 91.330
2. Burkhart, Traub (Incarnate Word) 86.333
3. Schall, Gadeken (William & Mary) 78.833
4. Tillman, Schall (William & Mary) 78.330
5. Yoder, Hegedus (Miami (Ohio)) 61.600

1. Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) 91.670
2. Inga Gillyer (Incarnate Word) 88.500
3. Saki Fujise (Incarnate Word) 88.330
4. Julie Silverman (William & Mary) 76.000
5. Erica Hegedus (Miami (Ohio)) 75.000
6. Leah Stavenhagen (Michigan) 69.170
7. Alisa Glukhova (Michigan) 62.500
8. Rebecca Yoder (Miami (Ohio)) 59.000

1. Ohio State Scarlet (Nikbakht, Zanotto, Robinson, Nicholsonm Beckett, Aton, Spada, Ramsey) 91.330 2. Incarnate Word (Nelson, Tegart, Andreychuk, Gillyer, Burkhart, Traub, Lundblad, Davidson) 88.830
3. Ohio State Gray (Colville, Mann, Irwin, Kok, Tutton, Hoffman, Golomb, Liou) 87.330
4. William & Mary (Tillman, Silverman, Schall, Schall, Gadeken) 77.840
5. Miami (Ohio) (Yoder, Hegedus, Ha, Howard, Novak, Britton, DeGrendel) 63.170
6. Michigan (Glukhova, Stavenhagen, Giachandani, Hunter, Pokriefka, Torano, Johnson, Zahul) 61.670