Ohio State Claims First Place at Jessica Beck Memorial Meet with 93 points

Yuliya Maryanko
Yuliya Maryanko

Feb. 1, 2014

COLUMBUS, Ohio -The Ohio State synchronized swimming team hosted its last event of the regular season, the Jessica Beck Memorial Meet Saturday at the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio. The Buckeyes finished first with a score of 93, University of Michigan came in second with 47 points, Miami University Marlins came in third with 26 points and Ohio University came in fourth with a score of 13 points.

Up next, Ohio State will travel to Virginia where it will face Richmond Feb. 8 in Richmond, Va., The following day, the Buckeyes will head to Williamsburg, Va., where they will take on William & Mary.

The afternoon began with the trio routine where Buckeyes Morgan Boneberg, Elizabeth Davidson and Yuliya Maryanko earned first place with a score of 87.15. Teammates Chelsea Aton, Lauren Nicholson and Khadija Zanotto came in second (84.4) while Miami University's trio of Martha Socki, Jessica Field and Nicole Cooperrider finished third (62.70). The University of Michigan's trio of Madeline Herman, Chloe Peck and Rita Zhao came in fourth place with a score of 55.25. Two Buckeye trios performed honors routines with Natalie Huibregtse, Emily Muma and Sarah House scoring an 81.10 and Cory Justice, Julia Gaylard and Natalie Gaylard scoring an 81.75.



Emma Baranski and Lorraine Hack paired up to take first place in the duet competition with a score of 84.2667. The University of Michigan claimed second and third place, respectively, with Zhao and Herman (56.2667) and Ashlyn Gurley and Lizzie Murphy (53.7333). Three Buckeye pairs performed an honors routine with Victoria Hawes and Julia Toro scoring a 75.8, Alexa Aton and Jasmine Pulido (76.9), and Paige Wells and Amrian Johnson (78.80).

Two-time collegiate national solo champion Maryanko claimed first place in the solo competition with a score of 89.9. University of Michigan's Jeanne Goodman came in second with a score of 61.3.

Ohio State's Chelsea Aton, Baranski, Davidson, Hack, Nicholson, Maryanko, Spada and Zanotto- finished in first place in the team competition with a score of 88.19. Ohio State's Alexa Aton, Pulido, Julia Gaylard, Natalie Gaylard, Huibregtse, Justice, Heidi Liou, Emily Muma and Sarah House came in second (84.05). Miami University claimed third with a score of 57.70 while Ohio University finished fourth (57.70).

2014 Jessica Beck Memorial Meet

Feb. 1, 2014

McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion
Columbus, Ohio

Team Results

1. Ohio State - 93
2. University of Michigan - 47
3. Miami University - 26
4. Ohio University - 13.


1. Elizabeth Davidson, Yuliya Maryanko, Morgan Boneberg (Ohio State) - 87.1500 

2. Chelsea Aton, Lauren Nicholson, Khadija Zanotto (Ohio State) - 84.4000

3. Martha Socki, Jessica Field, Nicole Cooperrider (Miami University) 62.7000
4. Madeline Herman, Chloe Peck, Rita Zhao (University of Michigan) - 55.2500

Honors Routine - Sarah House, Natalia Huibregtse, Emily Muma (Ohio State) - 81.1000
Honors Routine - Julia Gaylard, Natalie Gaylard, Cory Justice (Ohio State) - 81.7500

1. Emma Baranski, Lorraine Hack (Ohio State) - 84.2667 

2. Madeline Herman, Rita Zhao (University of Michigan) - 56.2667 

3. Ashlyn Gurley, Lizzie Murphy (University of Michigan) - 53.7333

Honors Routine -- Victoria Hawes, Julia Toro (Ohio State) - 75.8000
Honors Routine-- Alexa Aton, Jasmine Pulido (Ohio State) - 76.9000
Honors Routine -- Paige Wells, Amrian Johnson (Ohio State) - 78.8000

1. Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) - 89.9

2. Jeanne Goodman (University of Michigan) - 61.3

1. Chelsea Aton, Emma Baranski, Elizabeth Davidson, Lorraine Hack, Yuliya Maryanko, Lauren Nicholson, Katie Spada, Khadija Zanotto (Ohio State) - 88.1000 

2. Alexa Aton, Jasmine Pulido, Julia Gaylard, Natalia Gaylard, Natalie Huibregtse, Cory Justice, Heidi Liou, Emily Muma, Alt Tori Baron, Sarah House (Ohio State) - 84.05 

3. Nicole Cooperrider, Jessica Field, Megan Krach, Martha Socki (Miami University) - 57.70
4. Allison Gens, Michelle Hanson, Paige Flatt (Ohio University) - 48.8500