Scarlet and Gray Defeat Michigan in 2012 Season Opener

Go Buckeyes! Sophomore Lauren Nicholson
Go Buckeyes!
Sophomore Lauren Nicholson
Go Buckeyes!

Jan. 21, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio- The Ohio State synchronized swimming team defeated Michigan, 96-66.5, in a two-day dual meet Saturday and Sunday at the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion. The Buckeyes next will travel to Minneapolis, Minn., for the Minnesota Invitational Jan. 28

Sophomore Yuliya Maryanko captured the first victory of the season earning a score of 88.170 in the solo competition. Calgary, Alberta native Krissy Irwin took second with an 82.340 in her Ohio State debut.

The Buckeyes showcased two duets with Maryanko and Paige Ramsey claiming first with a score of 85.830. Second-place went to juniors Kayley Colville and Jenny Mann with an 80.170.

Alex Beckett, Maryanko and Ramsey won the trio competition with a score of 88.50. Teammates Lauren Nicholson, Lauren Robinson and Khadija Zanotto earned a score of 86.50 for second place. As an honorary routine in the trio competition, Caitlin Hoffman, Jane Kok, Lara Tutton placed third with an 80.170.



In the technical portion of the event, held Sunday, the Buckeyes scored 12 points to the Wolverines' 24.5. In the A Elements, it was a clean sweep for Ohio State as Maryanko (89.234), Robinson (81.333) and Colleen Courtmanche (81.140) took the Top 3 spots.

The Scarlet and Gray also dominated the B Figures with Samantha Golomb (68.525), Julia Gaylard (67.964) and Emily Muma (67.426) finishing, one, two, three.  

Ohio State, 96 Michigan, 66.5 
McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion

Columbus, Ohio

1. Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) - 88.170
2. Krissy Irwin (Ohio State) - 82.340
3. Leah Stavenhagen (Michigan) - 65.670
4. Alisa Glukhova (Michigan) - 61.160

1. Yuliya Maryanko, Paige Ramsey (Ohio State) - 85.830
2. Kayley Colville, Jenny Mann (Ohio State) - 80.170

1. Alex Beckett, Yuliya Maryanko, Paige Ramsey (Ohio State) - 88.50
2. Lauren Nicholson, Lauren Robinson, Khadija Zanotto (Ohio State) - 86.50
3H. Caitlin Hoffman, Jane Kok, Lara Tutton (Ohio State) - 80.170
4H. Julia Gaylard, Natalie Gaylard, Samantha Golomb (Ohio State) - 78.330
5. Alisa Glukhova, Leah Stavenhagen, Sachi Gianchandani (Michigan) - 59.50
6. Ellie Hunter, Anna Pokriefka, Olivia Torano (Michigan) - 55.830

Ohio State - 12 points
Michigan - 24.5 points

A Elements
1.  Yuliya Maryanko (Ohio State) - 89.234
2.  Lauren Robinson (Ohio State) - 81.333
3.  Colleen Courtmanche (Ohio State) -  81.140

B Figures
1.  Samantha Golomb (Ohio State) - 68.525
2.  Julia Gaylard (Ohio State) - 67.964
3.  Emily Muma  (Ohio State) - 67.426

C Figures
1. Sachi Gianchandani (Michigan) - 66.744

D Figures
1H.  Laura Ganzel (Michigan)- 56.543
2. Callie Zahul (Michigan) - 55.939
3. Olivia Toranc (Michigan) - 55.701