Student-Athlete Spotlight: Erin Dunseith, Women's Swimming

Nov. 18, 2013

Erin Dunseith Student=Athlete Spotlight

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Erin Dunseith, Women's Swimming
Reisterstown, Md.
Freestyle and Backstroke
Major: Biology

Erin Dunseith, a sophomore from Reisterstown, Md., specializes in the freestyle and backstroke events for the 19th-ranked women's swimming and diving team. She has seen extensive action in the Buckeyes' meets thus far in 2013, finishing first in the 1000 freestyle against in-state rival Ohio Nov. 9 and second in the 200 backstroke against Purdue and Northwestern Nov. 8. Last year as a freshman, she opened the season by posting a personal-best time of 10:21.97 in the 1000 freestyle. This weekend, Nov. 22-24, Dunseith and her teammates welcome Virginia, Florida, Purdue and Kentucky to The Bill and Mae McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion for the eighth-annual Ohio State Swimming and Diving Invitational.

    Student Life
    Do you prefer the Oval in the Fall or Spring? Spring
    Where is the best place to sit for lectures? One of the first few rows
    Most underrated place to study on campus? The balcony of the RPAC in the Spring to study for finals while sitting in the sun
    Why did you choose to major in biology? I chose to major in biology because I love learning about the human body and how the different parts work together to perform actions and I want to go to med school and become a doctor
    If you were the University President for a day, what would you do? Cancel classes!
    Describe your first day as a student at The Ohio State University. I left for my English class 30 minutes early and I ended up being 15 minutes late because I walked around University Hall forever and walked into class only to find out that it was the wrong one. Everyone laughed at me when I asked the professor where my classroom was located.

    Popular Culture
    Who do you wish had a Twitter account? Why would you want to "follow" this account? I wish my roommate/ teammate Annie Jongekrijg because she would have the funniest tweets.
    Favorite TV show - Grey's Anatomy
    Favorite movie - No Strings Attached
    Favorite book and/or magazine - Anna Karenina
    Favorite celebrity - Miley Cyrus
    Favorite singer or musical group - The Weeknd
    Last concert I attended was - The Zac Brown Band

    Favorite pro sports team - Baltimore Ravens
    Favorite athlete - Ray Lewis
    The athlete I would most like to compete against - Missy Franklin
    Favorite athletic memory - When I was at the U.S. Open this summer with Ohio State and set two new team records and placed in the Top 8 in the 800 and 400 free relays with my teammates
    Team you're most looking forward to competing against - Michigan!
    Pre-swim superstition/ ritual - I have to wear sneakers behind the block no matter what and I have to blast music so that I relax and clear my mind
    What is your top skill? What skill do you need to improve? My top skill is my freestyle kick and a skill that I have to work on is my turns
    Dream event (non-sport or sport-related) you would like to attend - The Super Bowl

    Most interesting place I've visited - Nice, France
    Place I would like to visit - Vienna, Austria

    Favorite home cooked meal - Salmon with pesto farfalle and corn on the grill
    Favorite snack food - Graham crackers with peanut butter
    Guilty pleasure snack and/or food - Ice cream

    Person I most admire - My club coach, Scott Ward
    In 10 years, I would like to be - A doctor
    Coolest thing you did this past summer - Went to California and Florida for the first time
    Most prized possession - My phone
    Best piece of advice you've received - My club coach used to use the expression "How bad do you want it?" and I love this because whenever I'm hurting or tired in practice I just quickly think this and it reminds me of my goals and gives me energy to finish a set.
    Any superstitions, non-game/match related - I like to make a wish on 11:11
    If your parents/guardians bragged about you, what would they say? I'm extremely determined
    What is your hometown known for? Seafood (Crabs) and the Baltimore Ravens!
    Pop or Soda? Soda
    Cats or Dogs Dogs
    Early Bird or Night Owl? Night Owl
    Would you be the O, H, I or the O? The first O because I like to be a leader