On The Awards Stand...

Go Buckeyes!
Go Buckeyes!

Go Buckeyes!

Feb. 20, 2012

Photo Gallery

Take a look at some photos from the Big Ten championships just completed at Iowa, and all the Buckeyes who made an appearance on the awards stand there!

Also announced at the championships were first- and second-team all-Big Ten selections and the sportsmanship honorees:

2012 All-Big Ten Teams

First Team

Margaux Farrell, Indiana

Brittany Strumbel, Indiana

Allysa Vavra, Indiana

Lindsay Vrooman, Indiana

Jessica White, Indiana

Tess Behrens, Minnesota

Haley Spencer, Minnesota

Ashley Steenvoorden, Minnesota

Hannah Whitehead, Minnesota

Bianca Alvarez, Ohio State

Cheyenne Cousineau, Ohio State

Shannon Draves, Ohio State

Merritt Krawczyk, Penn State

Samantha Palser, Penn State

Mackenzie Powers, Penn State

Katherine Pulos, Penn State

Erin Thomas, Penn State

Paige Whitmire, Penn State

Ivy Martin, Wisconsin

Ruby Martin, Wisconsin

Laura Miller, Wisconsin

Amie Osten, Wisconsin

Rebecka Palm, Wisconsin

Rebecca Thompson, Wisconsin

Aja Van Hout, Wisconsin

Ashley Wanland, Wisconsin


Second Team

Justine Ress, Indiana

Caitlin Dauw, Michigan

Maggie Keefer, Minnesota

Jessica Plant, Minnesota

Tori Simenec, Minnesota

Lauren Weis, Minnesota

Felicitas Lenz, Northwestern

Jackie Brousseau, Ohio State

Phoebe Cater, Ohio State

Emily Creran, Ohio State

Megan Detro, Ohio State

Kelsey Moran, Ohio State

Angela Severn, Ohio State

Michelle Williams, Ohio State

Emily Fogle, Purdue

Monika Stitski, Wisconsin


Sportsmanship Award

Rachel Japp-Joyce, Illinois

Laura Head, Indiana

Abby Tuchscherer, Iowa

Linnea Johnson, Michigan

Morgan Piasecki, Michigan State

Annalise Colton, Minnesota

Ashley Reiter, Nebraska

Shelby Johnson, Northwestern

Kristyn Fulcher, Ohio State

Kristen Rodman, Penn State

Carly Marshall, Purdue

Ashley Wanland, Wisconsin