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Kim Reeder led ISL with 127 strikeouts in 2013
Kim Reeder led ISL with 127 strikeouts in 2013

Aug 15, 2013

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - Former Buckeye standouts Kim Reeder, Alicia Herron and Sam Marder have continued their softball playing careers this summer. Reeder (2006-09) and Herron (2009-12) have traveled overseas playing in the Italian Softball League (ISL) Serie A in Girone B for Dino Bigioni Unione Fermana. Marder (2007-10), 2012 NPF Offensive Player of the Year, is in her third season for the Akron Racers.

The three former Buckeyes were teammates during the 2009 campaign and helped guide the squad to an NCAA Super Regional for the first time in program history.

That year, Reeder took home the Most Valuable Player award, as well as the Pitcher of the Year and Scholar-Athlete of the Year trophies. Reeder, who was named a third-team All-American, broke the records for season and career wins in her senior season. Marder, a second-team All-American, was named the Offensive Player of the Year for the third-consecutive season after breaking the season and career homerun records, while then-rookie shortstop Alicia Herron earned Defensive Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year honors.

Here are some notes on what Reeder and Herron have accomplished in "The Beautiful Country":

  • Helped lead squad to a third-place finish in the ISL playoffs this past month and are now set to host The European Cup Aug. 19-24.
  • In her second season overseas, Reeder finished second in the ISL in ERA (0.72), wins (12), while leading all pitchers in strikeouts (127). In 13 starts, she allowed just nine earned runs with just six walks in 88.0 innings pitched.
  • Reeder posted an ISL-best 17 strikeouts April 6 vs. Fiorini Forli.
  • Herron finished eighth in the ISL in batting average (.388), posting  five home runs (t-3rd), 26 hits, 14 runs scored, five doubles and 18 walks.

Thoughts on season overseas and looking back on their Buckeye careers:

"My best decision in life was to become a Buckeye. The family and friendships I've obtained have provided me with things I never thought imaginable. I have been fortunate enough to live out my dream to play at a Division I institution, but I also left a better individual. I've been given the privilege to know what it means to be a Buckeye and I am forever grateful. It has even gone more than that; I have been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to play in the NPF League (with one of Buckeye's all-time greats, Sam Marder), and currently am playing in Italy's Unione Fermana (with my former senior and best friend, Kim Reeder). It is through this opportunity of being a part of the Buckeye family that I have made connections which have lead me to playing in the European Cup next week. I am excited and could not be more proud to be a Buckeye. I feel so honored to be able to represent, across the world, for my Buckeye family. Much love and Go Bucks!"

"Playing overseas is by far the best decision I've made since I chose to become a Buckeye. I was blessed with the opportunity to be compensated for playing professional softball, while having the freedom to travel anywhere in Europe. These little details are exactly why I chose to play a second season in Italy and this year invited Alicia Herron. It is an unforgettable and rewarding journey that I wish all my Buckeyes had the chance to experience. The culture shock has humbled me; learning a new language has sharpened my mind while the competition has kept my love for the game alive. My two years in Italy have simply left me yearning for a professional league in the United States such as the NPF where women can earn substantial amounts of money doing the skills they have perfected their entire lives. Until then, "secondo me" (in my opinion) go overseas and live the dream for a year or more if you can! I will never regret it, but rather cherish the 10 months I've spent with a new team, coaches, friends and home away from home. One phrase, and of course cheer, that sums up the game of softball and the simplicity of things in Italy":

"Batti le palle con le mazze" Hit the balls with the bats!

Con amore a tutti i miei (With love to all my) Buckeyes!

Also, here are some notes on what Marder has done in the National Pro Fastpitch League following her 2012 campaign when she was named Offensive Player of the Year:

  • Tied for fourth in the league with 25 RBI in just 33 games played
  • Leading the Racers in RBI (25), second in walks (22) and third in home runs (5)
  • Has not committed an error this season

"Being able to play professionally has been a dream come true. I have been able to meet some of the most amazing people and mentors through my experience in the NPF. It brings me so much pride to not only represent myself and family, but to represent The Ohio State University on such a big stage. Being a student-athlete at Ohio State was such a tremendous honor, and I am so humbled I get to continue representing  the school among all the other universities represented in the league. The fact that Kim, Alicia and I have all been able to continue our softball careers here and abroad attribute to how strong the softball program is at Ohio State and I hope it paves the way for the tradition to continue for future Ohio State athletes. It has also been such a blessing to continue to play in Ohio, where there really are the best fans in the land."