Postgame Quotes From Ohio State vs. Bowling Green

Go Buckeyes!
Go Buckeyes!

Go Buckeyes!

Nov. 12, 2004

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Lori Walker, Ohio State head coach
Opening statement
"We are excited that we get to continue in the NCAA tournament. Bowling Green had an excellent end to their season and we respect them as a program. I think we started off a little slow, but I'm happy with the way our kids stepped up in the second half."

On playing at home
"Right now we are really clicking at home. We have a routine and we have been successful with that routine."

On the team's confidence
"They have been a lot of confidence, but we can not take anything for granted."

Danielle Dietrich, junior forward
On the Ohio State win
"I think we started out a little sluggish, Bowling Green's keeper played very well. They are a good team."

Lara Dickenmann, freshman midfielder
On her goal in the second half
"I got the ball at the top of the 18-yard box dribbled around the defender, saw an opening and put the ball in the corner (of the net)."

Andy Richards, Bowling Green Head Coach
On the game "Obviously we're disappointed with the loss, but I feel we put in a great performance. We lost to a great team tonight, but we made our university proud."

On the Ohio State attack
"Ohio State is the No. 6-seeded team in the tourney and they have great players all over the field. They were relentless the entire game. I feel like we defended them well in the first half, but they were just too much. I give our kids credit for playing a great team well, especially the first 55 minutes."

Ali Shingler, BG junior goalkeeper/co-captain
On the OSU pressure
"In the first half they kept coming at us. We did a great job handling that, but it seemed like every time we cleared the ball, they would come back at us at full speed. We did a great job staying on our feet, but we had a couple second half breakdowns, which was unfortunate."

On the two OSU goals
"For the first goal, Dietrich had her back to the ball. She did a great job turning and slipped it by me. On the second goal, I made a mistake and went down when I shouldn't have. Dickenmann did a great job of eluding a couple defenders and placing a great shot by me."