Blogging the Buckeyes: Lauren Granberg

Go Buckeyes!
Go Buckeyes!

Go Buckeyes!
Hello Buckeye fans,

I have another update for you all on our past week of training leading up to the Michigan State game. As many of you know, this game is a valuable one in our eyes, for a win crowns us Big Ten champions. However, with that in the back of our anxious minds, our coaches emphasize that we live in the now and focus on our present moment rather than get ahead of ourselves, so let's talk about training.

Tuesday was where we started the week of training/weights, but before practice started we came in to discuss our priorities for this week's training. We decided to focus on small sided games in smaller sized fields in order to imitate our opponents playing style.  We began with a 2v2 possession game that involved individual defending and outside support (communication was key), this progressed into a well known drill of combinational play. Our combinations as a team become important with regards to getting behind pressure and getting ourselves into dangerous areas of the field.  After practicing these methods we expanded it into an 11v11 game in a half-size field to learn how to play in compact areas of the field. However, that was far from the end of practice for Tuesday is our usual fitness day, and we were not surprised to run 120's (do not mistake this fitness with the "fun fitness" we did last week).

Wednesday was a whole new day with the same motives in mind, but to my advantage (as a forward) we focused a lot on shooting and crossing (can never get enough repetition...right coach?). We started off training with shooting patterns and runs off the ball to create goal scoring opportunities. With this goal scoring mentality we moved into a 6v6 quarter field game with the idea to get a lot of combining and shots on net to benefit us in our game on Friday. Once we finished with this drill we moved into a crossing and finishing drill that initiated a lot of competitiveness (the Buckeyes at their best).

And finally Thursday came around, and was the last day of practice before our big game. We knew it was time to get it done in practice so that we could get it done in the game. We started off with a usual game of 8v8. The goal is to get a certain amount of passes with a 2 touch rule. It helps get the blood pumping and our legs moving. Once we successfully completed the drill we moved on to another competitive shooting game and then eventually an 11v11 full field game with a goal down mentality. After this all we had a few motivational speeches, and finished of the day with set pieces. 

Now that we are fully prepared, it's time to set our mark on the Spartans' home field, and bring home a win!