Blogging the Buckeyes: Lauren Steuer Part II

Go Buckeyes!
Go Buckeyes!

Go Buckeyes!
Don't worry Buckeye fans I'm back!!

I am going to pick up where I left off and tell you all about our weekend!  

Our Friday started off like a typical week day with practice.  We had a good practice mixing together all the things we did all week in order to prepare us for Indiana, our opponent Sunday.  Then, some girls attended their Friday classes, and others, if they were lucky enough to not have Friday classes, just did their own thing.  Friday evening I went with Taz to the women's hockey game then we met up with some girls to see a movie.

Saturday was our day off so we all got to sleep in as long as we wanted.  I went to breakfast with Ashley and Genna then after breakfast I went home with Ashley and enjoyed a relaxing day of sitting on the couch in our pj's watching the game all afternoon. A few hours later, it was time to meet the team at Biggs to have a team dinner...our version of Halloween. After a delicious feast, we were held hostage in a hotel. I'm only kidding about the held hostage part, but seriously, we stayed in a hotel to have some SERIOUS BONDING before the game Sunday! We watched movies and ate tons of candy before getting a good night's sleep. I roomed with $$$$$ (aka Cassie). It was a delight.

We peeled ourselves out of our hotel beds Sunday morning around 9:30.  If you forgot, it's the best day of the week because it's game day!! We had breakfast at the hotel at 9:45 then set out on a journey back to Biggs to get ready for our game.  Getting ready for the game consists of getting our uniform, eating some candy, having a little dance party, and getting focused!  Since it was Senior Day, we honored our seniors before the kickoff at 1 p.m. in the Jesse. The game resulted in utter domination by the Buckeyes!!! We beat the Hoosiers 6-0 with goals from: Ashley Bowyer, Paige Maxwell, ME, Lauren Granberg, Kayla Eckman and finally Genna Brand!  The day ended with our last pot luck of the season which was fabulous as always!!  

Now it is time for us to prepare for our last Big Ten game Friday against Michigan State!!!  Ta ta for now!