Blogging the Buckeyes: Lauren Steuer

Go Buckeyes!
Go Buckeyes!

Go Buckeyes!
What's up Buckeye fans?

I know you all are chomping at the bit to hear the latest news on The Ohio State University women's soccer team so let me be of service to you!  I'm here to update you a little on our practices this week in preparation for our game against Indiana (Senior Day) on Sunday.

To start it off, Monday was our second favorite day of the week (our day off), in line behind game day of course.  I can speak for myself and a few others on my team that it's a day for sleeping in :-) while others like to hit the books and get a little school work finished.  Too bad that day off flies by!! Practice Tuesday was a pleasant surprise because it's usually our fitness day, but our coaches were feeling a bit generous and didn't make us get on the line.  We started it off with a fun game of possession we all like to play.  It makes us really focus on our work rate off the ball, and our awareness to get into supporting positions for our teammates.  Then we jumped into a technical passing activity which is a little bit of what we like to call "hidden fitness".  This activity allows you to practice playing different types of balls like bending, chipping, or driving with both feet.  Hopefully this can give us a variety of services to play which will be displayed against Indiana! Lastly, we just scrimmaged.  We started off the first 7 minutes in only 1 touch which, let me tell you, can get a little out of control; but I think we did a really good job at staying composed and working off the ball to get into supporting positions for our teammates.  Then, Coach opened it up to only 2 touch for a few minutes then finally unlimited.  Overall, we had a pretty decent practice but not exactly up to our full abilities.

Wednesday began with a passing drill to get our legs moving.  Then, once we were ready to go they surprised us with fitness, but it was better than the usual fitness because it was fun! Most of you are probably wondering how fitness could be fun so I shall explain.  We got into groups according to speed and had different patterns we had to run, some involving sliding in the mud, twirling, and somersaults.  It always gets extremely competitive when we do things like this, and I hate to brag but my team probably won 95% of them!!  After we were all covered in mud, the remainder of practice was dedicated to shooting.  We did a three-tier shooting drill then a crazy game of 6 v 6 focusing primarily on shooting. 

We were lucky enough to pump some iron before practice Thursday-we love hitting the weights! We also had a lovely visit today from Gene Smith at practice.  He came to congratulate us on our great season so far and wanted to keep us motivated towards winning the Big Ten.  We are currently in first with two games left in the season so this is a critical time for us to stay focused.  After he gave us a little pep talk we finished out our best practice of the week, and are more than prepared for our game against Indiana on Sunday!!!

Hopefully this fulfilled your women's soccer addiction :-). Go Bucks!