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Blogging the Buckeyes: Liz Sullivan Part II

Go Buckeyes!
Go Buckeyes!

Go Buckeyes!
Hello again!

We are all safely home in Ohio, and I'm writing to update you on our eventful weekend.  Friday night we arrived to Wisconsin's field to face a difficult match.  Our warm-up went well, and we were all feeling extremely excited for the game despite the cold weather. However, Wisconsin provided us with the most powerful heater I have ever seen in my entire life. We started off the game fairly well, but it remained tied until Tiffany scored a goal in the second half- on her birthday!!  The game remained close until Wisconsin was able to score a tying goal with 18 seconds left.  Although our team was frustrated, we came together and fought through two tough overtimes, with a tie as our final result.   This wasn't the result we wanted, but our team remained positive.  Coach reminded us that the "new Buckeyes" learn from our mistakes and move on.

Saturday some of us woke up and did workouts while others spent some time recovering in the pool.  Then we spent most of our day traveling, with a much-needed stop at Chipotle.  Finally, Saturday night we ended up at the Schwach's house for a home-cooked team dinner.  The food was amazing and it was nice to get out of the hotel, but before we knew it, we were loading up the bus again and heading back.

Sunday's game was quite a bit warmer and many of us got to see Minnesota for the first time.  After playing 110 minutes on Friday our team needed our depth, and everyone came together to support each other through another 90 minutes of play.  Ashley scored a goal in the second half putting us ahead 1-0.  Through all of our excitement we had to remember our tie on Friday, and that we needed to play until the clock hit zero.  Every player on the team was determined to finish the game with a win, and that's just what we did.  So after a nice meal, we got a little bit of fitness in while we ran to catch our plane.  Now we are all back to school and ready for the next matchup.  Go Bucks!



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