Blogging the Buckeyes: Katie Baumgardner Part II

Go Buckeyes!
Go Buckeyes!

Go Buckeyes!

Hello again!

Well clearly I am not the best of luck when writing a blog before a game, so this could be my last.  If you haven't heard yet, we didn't quite get the result that we were hoping for.  We just got back from the long drive from Happy Valley, and I think it's safe to say everyone is less than happy about today's outcome.

On Saturday afternoon after practice we hopped on the bus with Cosi in hand and headed to Pennsylvania.  After some food in our stomachs, pretty much everyone fell asleep for about an hour and then I hit the books (as promised).  We got onto Penn State's campus about 7:30 p.m. and went to a sports bar and grill.  The walk through the restaurant was pretty intimidating because as Dani pointed out, people don't just glance at you, they stare (and even "boo") when you are an opposing Big Ten school.  We can take the heat, but if it wasn't for a waiter whispering "go bucks" to me as we walked in, I probably would have felt slightly more uncomfortable. Needless to say, they politely shuffled us to the back of the restaurant so we could watch the football team play and eat some dinner. After that, it was straight to the Ramada Inn.  After some confusion, a.k.a. room 309 on the first floor, and a quick unintentional hotel tour, TayMo and I fell asleep within 20 minutes of being in the room.

In the morning we ate and then got ready for the game. On the way to Jeffrey Field, we got to watch a quick pump-up video then we listened to our warm-up tape so that by the time we left the bus we were all pretty fired up about the game ahead.  Warm-up went well and everything about pre-game was going great.  Going into the game, it took us a while to get some momentum but after an unlucky break and a great finish we ended up being down 1-0 at halftime.  The second half was a completely different game complete with a handful of cards, and shots by both teams.  After they tucked in the second goal off a penalty kick we were more determined than ever to get a goal back, and we did.  Our whole team was on our toes and even in the dwindling seconds of the game, I truly thought we would finish with a goal and send the game into OT.  Unfortunately, after several opportunities to put the ball away, we found ourselves out of time.  If every lesson that needs to be learned in soccer could have been put into one game, I believe that was it.  Even without the win, I do believe we are a better team for having fought through it. It was a truly tough loss but we are certainly anxious to bounce back from it all.

Of course, as our team knows, we can always rely on our bus driver to brighten the day.  After the game ended and we were able to visit with our family and friends, we hopped on the bus to hit the showers.  Apparently our driver was extremely distraught from our loss as well because before we could say anything, the third window on the right side of the bus was obliterated from a light pole in the parking lot.  In the midst of our trip to the shower, a tight turn proved to be too tight of a squeeze for our commercial bus.  So, with a cracked window, our trip to Columbus was slightly delayed until we could temporarily repair it with, what else but, scarlet and gray tape, courtesy of the Ohio State women's soccer team.  I think she might have done it do get our minds off of a frustrating finish, but that's just me.

Well it was quite a day, but we are already looking forward to next week. Be sure to come out and support!  Thanks for checking in on your favorite Buckeyes!