Ohio State's Lara Dickenmann Held Live Online Chat Tuesday

Go Buckeyes!
Go Buckeyes!

Go Buckeyes!

COLUMBUS, Ohio Lara Dickenmann, a senior on the women’s soccer team, held a live online chat with fans Tuesday. The Buckeyes take to the road to participate in the adidas Classic held in Durham, N.C. Ohio State will face North Carolina at 5 p.m. Sept. 21 and then play tournament host Duke for a game at 2:30 p.m. Sept. 23.
The Kriens, Switzerland, native enters 2007 as a Missouri Athletic Club’s Hermann Trophy Division I national player of the year candidate. Dickenmann registered her third game-winner this season and the 26th of her career against Ohio University Thursday, moving her into fourth-place on the all-time Ohio State list.

Curtis Marshall:Newport:   Will Ohio State go undefeated?

Lara::   Soccer is different than other sports because it's likely all teams will lose at some point. Sunday's loss was our first game on the road and Coach Lori wasn't there. We lost because we weren't playing hard enough but we can always take positive things from a loss. It's good it happened early so we can learn from it and fix things before Friday.

jake:toledo:   What is the best game you played this season?

Lara::   I wasn't fully content with myself in any of them. As a team, we have improved every game and we have to keep doing that.

Amber:New Albany:   Do you miss home?

Lara::   Yes, I do miss home. I was just there for a week - although I spent most of the time in Germany. I do miss my family and friends but it's a whole different world over there. It's like I have two different families and homes now.

Eddie:Grove City:   Do you get to play UNC a lot?

Lara::   No, this is only the second time I'll play them. We scrimmaged against them in February down in Tennessee. So we're watching video to get ready. Since Coach went to school there it's a special for her so we're trying to make the best of it.

Brad:Dublin:   Are you planning on playing soccer after college?

Lara::   Yes - I'm not planning on quiting anytime soon. With the national team, I have a couple of goals set. I'm 21 so I think I my body can still play more. But I want to graduate from college first.

Jim:Cleveland:   I saw on the Website that your team works with a sport psychologist? What is that all about? How does sport psychology help you perform better? Does your national team also work with a sport psychologist?

Lara::   Sports psychologists at Ohio State are there to enhance our performance on the field. Their work is about increasing our self-confidence on the field and helping us to learn how to best interact with our teammates. We learn how to approach different kinds a people which helps us performer better during the game. We have one with the national team too and she does the same thing. It's good to have one and nice to work with them.

                  Shelby:Dublin:  What's it like to score a game-winning goal? And are you following the women's world cup?

Lara It's a really good feeling. It's a part of my leadership and a way to give back to the team. I'm watching almost all the World Cup games. I have a friend on the Australian team, two on the Canadian team and I've played against some of the players for England and U.S. so it's cool when you know people.

Hannah:Columbus:   What are you studying in school and what do you want to do after college?

Lara::   I'm in international business. I like it because I'm an international student. I like to travel and learn languages so I thought it would be a good major for me. After college I would like to play soccer for as long as I can. I'd like to learn Spanish and French as well as I know English. After soccer, I'd like to work for an organization like FIFA and get a master's degree at some point.

Sarah:Dayton:   How did you end up at OSU?

Lara::   Every year our assistant coach, Greg, goes to Europe for the Under-19 championship. My team was playing there and although we didn't play well, my number and name ended up in this little notebook he always has because he liked the way I played. I always wanted to go to the U.S. and learn English so this was a great opportunity. My parents and I always liked the way he presented the university. Tulsa and Yale were also looking at me.

Eric:Cincinnati:   Do you have a pregame ritual?

Lara::   Our pregame ritual is dancing in the locker room.

Mark:Oak Harbor, OH:   During North Carolina's loss to S. Carolina. In the second half they pushed the ball up and down and created corner kick after corner kick and out shooting SC 12-5. Is it in the Bucks' game plan to keep the game at a slow pace or more up tempo?

Lara::   Part of our game is keeping the ball in our possession. So that slows the game down a bit. Against UNC, it's going to be important we stay compact in defense and quick in transition.

ohiostatebuckeyes.com::   That is the end of our session. Thank you fans for sending in your questions and thanks Lara for stopping by.