Student-Athlete Spotlight: Alexis Degler, Women's Soccer

July 27, 2015

Medal honor

Alexis Degler, a rising junior, is a midfielder for the Ohio State women’s soccer team. The Cary, North Carolina native started in two of the 19 matches last season, scoring three goals and assisting on another. One of Degler’s highlights from 2014 was her game-winning goal against Duke in the Buckeyes’ season-opener. She was also named Academic All-Big Ten and has been an Ohio State Scholar Athlete for two years in a tow. This summer, Degler is interning with Bucks Go Pro in the Athletics Development to help her reach her career goal of being a public relations specialist for a professional sports team.

Student Life

  • What is the best time of year on campus? April and May. You can start walking to class again because it’s the perfect temperature and everyone is so happy because it’s warm and it’s almost summer.
  • What is your preferred mode of transportation to class? Walking, unless it’s cold and snowing, then definitely a teammate dropping you off right at the door.
  • Have you switched your major? If so, how many times and why and if not, how did you know your major was “the one”? I’ve never actually switched my major, but I added a minor. I guess I knew my major was the one because I love talking and building relationships with people and that’s what communications is all about. It’s also broad enough that I can explore different career paths and find one that is perfect for me.
  • What has been your favorite or most interesting class at OSU? My favorite class has probably been Crisis Management…it was really interesting reading all the case studies and being able to discuss it in a classroom setting.
  • If you had to give an incoming student advice, what would it be? No question is a dumb question. There are so many resources and people here at Ohio State available for anything as long as you ask.
Pop Culture
  • What social media do you prefer the most? Instagram. I love looking at pictures and feeling like I know what’s going on in my friends lives even though they live all over the country.
  • Which do you watch more: Netflix or TV? Depends on the week, but anytime I sit on the couch I turn HGTV on. I’m a big home renovation junkie.
  • Would you rather read the book or watch the movie? Definitely watch a movie.
  • What song can you not help but sing-a-long to? There’s a pretty good chance that if any song comes on the radio I am singing to it, but my teammate and I love Sunday Morning by Maroon 5.
  • What was the last movie that you saw in theaters? Avengers. I love superhero movies.
  • When is your favorite time of your sport’s season? It sounds weird, but I like preseason. There is no one on campus except for my team. So we get to play soccer, hangout and not have to worry about school or anything else.
  • Which team do you most look forward to competing against? That Team Up North. They were originally not on our schedule this year and we were so mad that our coaches scheduled a scrimmage against them. It’s always fun to play in a rivalry game.
  • Do you have any pre-game/match superstitions or rituals? Not really but before every home game, our team has a little song/chant that we do in the tunnel and it’s kind of cool because it’s a tradition that’s been around for a long time.
  • What is your favorite part about your sport? I like that it’s a team sport. When I make a bad play or am having a bad game, I know I can count on the other 25 girls on the team to support me and get me back on track.
  • What is your favorite athletic memory? Scoring my first collegiate goal. If that’s not exciting enough, after I scored I was knocked over and when I got up and went to celebrate with my teammates, I tripped on the Indiana goalkeeper and face planted. The best part was that the game was being played live on the Big Ten Network. It was so embarrassing, but I’ve definitely embraced it. It’s something I’ll definitely never be able to forget, especially with my teammates and coaches continually referencing it.
  • What is the best meal you have ever eaten, and where did you get it from/who made it? I pretty much love all holiday meals. So my favorite meal is probably Thanksgiving cooked by my grandma. I look forward to it every year.
  • Do you have a sweet tooth and if you do, what is your favorite treat? Popcorn. I don’t know if that counts really, but Chicago-style popcorn with cheese and caramel… I could probably eat that every day without ever getting sick of it.
  • When you are not at practice, what could someone find you doing? Probably going to my friends sporting events. I love sports and watching games and it’s an added bonus when you know the people competing.
  • Do you have a hidden talent? I wish, but nothing really comes to mind.
  • If you could play another sport other than yours, what would it be? Golf or tennis. I love playing golf with my dad in the summers and tennis was the last sport I played before I was full time soccer. I’ll probably pick both of them up after I retire from soccer.
  • If you won the lottery, what would you do? I would definitely travel with some of the money. I love visiting other countries and learning about different cultures. I would also donate some of the money to non-profits which I’m really passionate about. And then I know its cliché, but I would save some, too.
  • What do you most look forward to doing during the summer? Having time to really explore what Columbus has to offer. There are so many cool places to go visit and eat at and things to do that I want to take advantage of when I am on campus and not busy with school work.
  • If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? Shape shifting? Is that what it’s called when you change into something else?
  • Do you have an interesting nickname? Dogs. My last name is Degler and most of my life my nickname was Degs, but one of my teammates decided that Degs was too hard to say so she started to call me Dogs. Somehow it stuck…and now my team and sometimes my coaches even call me Dogs.
  • If you could switch places with anyone for a day, who would you choose? I would want to switch places with Erin Andrews. She gets to interview some of the most high profile athletes, host a dancing show, has an amazing closet … I just overall wish I was her.
  • What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? You don’t succeed in life by always succeeding. It’s important to fail once or twice so you can grow and learn from your mistakes. It’s okay to fail.
  • If you could witness any event of the past, present, or future, what would it be? I would love to go to the Olympics. I think seeing athletes from all over the world competing and interacting is just something that is so cool.
  • Would you be the first O, H, I or last O in a picture? Definitely one of the O’s.
  • What is your favorite part about being a Buckeye? It’s kind of hard to explain, and what it means to be a Buckeye is hard to put into words. The energy and the love everyone has for the university is indescribable and it’s something I’ll never forget.