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Anyone interested in joining the Ohio State Women's Rowing team MUST click on the link below and fill out a prospective student-athlete questionnaire.


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Do I need experience?
No!! 'Novice' rowing is specifically for people in their first year of college rowing, ninety percent of whom have no previous rowing experience. 'Novice' was created so that great high school athletes/ and non athletes can have the chance to learn the sport and race against athletes of similar experience from the Big10, Pac10, ACC, Ivy schools. It is like having JV and V basketball squad in High School. Your first year is spent learning the sport and getting physically adapted to it and then your second year you are integrated with the Varsity squad which is a mix of recruited rowers and previous novices. You are considered a 'novice' rower on the Varsity Rowing team.

Is this a club?
No!! This is not a club. While there is a rowing club at Ohio State that offers novice rowing, this is a varsity team. The designation of "novice rower" is only used within the squad to describe first year rowers. To the athletic department and the rest of the university you are a varsity athlete with all the privileges and responsibilities that status accords.

What about my class schedule?
We understand that you didn't come to Ohio State this fall planning on being a member of Buckeye athletics. For this reason we work around your current class schedule. As a varsity athlete, you will have priority scheduling for the winter quarter and beyond which makes it easy to accommodate both classes and rowing. You choose ONE of three practice times per day in the fall, that way any class schedule can accommodate practice. Practices last about 90 minutes and are held in the Drake Union so it is easy to walk to and from practice.

Fall Practice Schedule (you pick one per day): 7:30-9am or 5:15-7:00pm M-F

What is practice like?
We start off slow and build on each day; your first year you learn the technique of rowing while your body adapts to the sport. We do some running to help with a cardio base. We do pushups and sit ups to help with beginning core and strength development. We row on rowing machines to help with cardio, strength and rowing technique. Finally, we row on the Olentangy River in our racing boats! In the winter we are mainly on rowing machines and add strength training with our strength trainers. In the Spring (our championship season) we are mainly rowing in boats and racing.

If you are athletic or plan to workout everyday for 60-90 minutes...why not do it in a control atmosphere, with coaches, with specific goals and with teammates!

What type of athlete are you looking for?
Someone with a combination of the following:
      Athletic Background
      Height (5'8" or taller or tough enough to make up the difference)
      Team Player
      Desire to win and be a BUCKEYE!

Why try out for rowing?
      We have 20 scholarships you become eligible for your sophomore year
      Make a big school feel small by being on a team
      Get in the best shape you have ever been
      Learn a new sport
      Race for a Big10 Championship
      Be a true BUCKEYE
      Be around other like minded students in athletics

What about my grades?
Many incoming freshman are concerned that this will be too much for them along with school. We have found just the opposite. The members of our team have a higher average GPA than the female student population. In 2008 we had over 40 OSU scholar athletes and routinely lead the athletic department in this category. We've had majors from architecture to zoology and all have had success on the water and in the classroom. Our class of '08 included a range of science and humanities majors from business and English to health and exercise sciences'. Over the years we have had an incredibly wide range of majors.

What does being a varsity athlete mean?
At Ohio State being a varsity athlete means many things. The list of advantages and benefits is too long to fully outline here, but some of the highlights include;
      Total funding
      Nike apparel for competition
      Priority class scheduling
      Complete medical attention for anything related to athletics
      A full array of academic counseling, tutoring, and support services to support your academics

How fast are we?
Ohio State women's rowing is one of the elite rowing teams in the country and finished third as a team in the 2007 NCAA women's rowing championships. Ohio State has been in the top 9 each of the last eight years, and top 5 five times. We have won the Central Region Championship the last five consecutive years and were Big Ten champions in 2006. As a Buckeye you will race with and against the best.

NOT SURE? Try out! You never know. We have had several novice rowers go on to become U.S. National Team rowers and one even rowed in the Beijing Olympics! The worst that can happen is you will learn a new sport, meet some awesome people and have the opportunity to represent Ohio State as a Varsity Athlete!

If you have time over the summer you can register with the NCAA eligibility center. Getting this done in advance can save some time later in the year, but you don't have to do it before you try the sport.


Meet Former Novices: - (return to top)

When I was in high school considering colleges, I never thought I'd become a varisty athlete at Ohio State Univeristy. When I joined the novice team, it was because it seemed fun and exciting, and I figured I'd meet a lot of people (which is a big deal because it was my first year here). It never seemed intimidating, and that's because you and your novice team go through it together. And of course, you end up making lasting friends that you'll have forever (which was my main goal) and you end up with stories to tell your grandchildren about the time when you competed in the National Championships. Novice rowing has left me with a great deal of confidence, strength, and courage, because you find out that you can do things other people cannot do. You also find out what you are made of, and that is something no one can take from you.
Patricia Goodeman
Senior, Business Economics
I wanted to be involved in something that I could be proud of. As a student and an athlete, I can be a bigger part and give more back to the university. With a positive attitude and perseverance, I went out and tried to learn something new everyday. Rowing has enhanced my college experience by giving me the opportunity to train with elite athletes in a program ranked among the best in the country. My best friends are my teammates and together we laugh, train, race, and win championships.

Jess Shepherd served as team co-captain in 2006-07 and concluded rowing this year. She will finish her degree in Biology and is pursuing admission into the dentistry school.
Jess Shepherd
Senior, Biology

When deciding whether or not to row as a member of the varsity team there are a lot of things to consider. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to represent Ohio State in a sport with women that were incredibly motivated and amazingly fun. I came to the realization that rowing was not an obligation but an opportunity. By taking the opportunity I have had so many great experiences including academic support from athletic advisors, being a Big Ten Champion, finishing 3rd at NCAA National Championships, and becoming a varsity letter winner, just to name a few and there are going to be so many more memorable times. I highly encourage anyone considering to row to take the risk and test yourself to see what you can become.
Mary Sheehan
Senior, Medical Dietetics

Some of the best advice I got when I moved on campus was to get involved. As an incoming freshman Ohio State looks so big and can be intimidating. On move in day I had multiple girls come up to me and tell me I should join the rowing team, so I took their advice and got involved by joining the novice team. This was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made, I met so many neat people from all over the country and the world, and I made friendships that will last forever. Rowing on the novice team is a cool experience because they teach you how to do something you may have never done before. I always told my self, "If I pass this opportunity up now, when will I get another chance to try?" So I took the opportunity and ran with it and have loved it ever since.
Katie Flarida
Sophomore, Education

I first joined the Novice team my sophomore year at Ohio State. My freshman year I was approached by novice coaches and asked to join the team, but I was reluctant because I wasn't sure I would be able to juggle school and sports. After completing my freshman year as a "normal" student, I realized that I missed being a part of a team and competing, having played sports my whole life. Luckily, I was asked again to join the team, so I decided to give it a shot. Joining the team was one of the best decisions of my life. Having the opportunity to represent THE Ohio State University both academically and athletically is indescribable. It is one of the greatest honors. The people you meet, coaches and other teammates, are awesome. Being around them all the time allows you to get to know one another and build friendships that last forever. Rowing has given me the opportunity to challenge myself, compete for Ohio State, and make friends and memories that I know will be with me forever.
Sara Wallace
Junior, Exercise Science


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Women's Rowing
215A St John Arena, 410 Woody Hayes Dr
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: 292-5052
Fax: 292-5668
Anna Goodale Novice Coach 292-7050 If you are interested in rowing or have
further questions please email Anna Goodale