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Go Buckeyes!
Go Buckeyes!

Go Buckeyes!

Charlott Goldstein
All-Big Ten Honoree
Berlin, Germany

Q. What do you miss most about your hometown?
Dner and Curry Wurst and French Fries and older folks who wear white socks in their sandals. Everyone is fashionable at all times and Berlin is alive 24/7.

Q. Besides you, who is the most famous person from your hometown?
A. The government I guess, countless bands and of course, the Berlin Bear!

Q. How often do you get home?
Twice a year. My family makes me go home for Christmas and of course over the summer, because Berlin is simply the place to be ;).

Q. What do people ask you most about your hometown?
How it is? What's the flair and atmosphere like? How are the people? What's the favorite food?

Q. What’s the biggest difference between your hometown and Columbus?
Berlin is alive at any given moment. Whenever you want to go out and do something, may it be getting coffee at 3 a.m. or dancing at any day of the week, Berlin gives it all to you whenever you want!

Q. How would you describe your hometown?
I live on the outer edge of Berlin, but I am in the city within 20 minutes. I live in one of the greener parts of Berlin, but it is in the city!

Q. How many stoplights are in your hometown?
A. A billion?!

Q. What is the population of your hometown?

Q. How long has your family lived in your hometown?
My parents were born and raised in Berlin and moved into our house when my sister was 9 months old. So we have been living there all our life! My grandparents moved here after the war. My parents were born and raised here.

Q. What sport/activity is the most popular in your hometown?
I guess everything from riding a bike, running and rollerblading. It really depends on what part of the city you are in because of water or city structures.

Q. What is the tallest building in your hometown?
The TV tower is 368.03 meters.

Q. What do visitors to your hometown need to see/do?
Brandenburg Gate, GoldElse, Street of June 17th, Potsdamer Platz to go shopping, Friedrich Strae. Take a tour of course, go on a ship and take a cruise through the lakes and canals of Berlin! Take a bike tour, visit Check Point Charly and go to the Museums Island.
There is so much more!

Q. Is anything interesting made in your hometown?
A. the Berlin Bear. Our history!?!

Q. What is the biggest attraction in your hometown?
EVERYTHING honestly. Berlin is special with everything it has to offer. Its flair is unique.

Q. Is there local food your hometown is known for?
A. Dner Kebab and Curry Sausage

Q. Any historic event that happened there?
A. Napoleon stole the Quadriga from the Brandenburg Gate and lived in the Castle of Biesdorf (the suburb where I live :). The wall was put up and torn down.

Q. Your favorite place in your hometown?
Biesdorf (home)
Grnau (where I started rowing)