Home For The Summer - Anniken Ellingsen

Go Buckeyes!
Go Buckeyes!

Go Buckeyes!

Anniken Ellingsen
All-Big Ten recipient as a freshman in 2008
Oslo, Norway

Q. What do you miss most about your hometown?
Aside from my family and friends obviously, I really miss the bakeries. White bread just can’t compete with the fresh walnut bread from home.

Q. Besides you, who is the most famous person from your hometown?
A. Morten Harket, the lead singer of the 80’s pop group Aha. (“Take on me”)

Q. How often do you get home?
Every summer and Christmas.

Q. What do people ask you most about your hometown?
A. Is it really cold there? No, the average temperature in the summer is 71 degrees and 22 degrees in the winter. But just like Columbus, the weather can be quite unpredictable. We also don’t have polar bears in the streets, all houses have electricity and normal bathrooms and you can buy peanut butter and marshmallows in any grocery store.

Q. What's the biggest difference between your hometown and Columbus?
You can get anywhere with public transportation.

Q. How would you describe your hometown?
A. Oslo is a pretty small town compared to other European capitals, but you can find almost everything here and get everywhere within 30 minutes. Oslo is described as “the blue and the green and the city in between.” You can go sailing in the bay area and be skiing in the Tryvann vinter park 30 minutes later and enjoy the Oslo nightlife the same night. 

Q. What is the population of your hometown?

Q. How long has your family lived in your hometown?
Since the 1600’s. About 15 generations.

Q. What sport/activity is the most popular in your hometown?
A. All kinds of skiing: downhill, cross country, ski jumping, ski cross, biathlon, roller ski and soccer.

Q. What is the tallest building in your hometown?
Oslo Plaza hotel, 35 stories.

Q. What do visitors to your hometown need to see/do? Is anything interesting made in your hometown?
The Viking ships, the new opera, Edvard Munch’s “Scream”, The Vigelands park (212 bronze and granite sculptures), Holmenkollen ski jump (currently being remodeled for the 2011 world skiing championship).

Q. Most prominent industry/line of work?
Many of the companies in Oslo work with maritime knowledge, shipping, shipbrokers and insurance brokers.

Q. Is there is local food your hometown is known for?
No, but there are many restaurants serving traditional Norwegian food (ie - salmon) because of immigration you can also find a range of different kinds of food from different cultures.

Q. Your favorite place in your hometown?
Aker Brygge at night.