No. 1 Ohio State Advances Crews to Grand and Petite Finals Sunday

May 31, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The No. 1 Ohio State rowing team advanced its first varsity eight and second varsity eight to the Grand Finals and its first varsity four to the Petite Final Saturday morning at Eagle Creek Park.

The top three crews from each A/B Semifinal automatically advanced to the Division I Grand Finals, which begin at 10:10 a.m. Sunday, while the remaining three teams advanced to the Division I Petite Finals, which start at 10 a.m. Sunday.

The first varsity eight once again started the morning for the Buckeyes, claiming a lane in the Grand Final Sunday morning and remaining perfect on the season (11-0) after sounding the horn in first place in the first heat of competition with a time of 6:28.58. The crew of Aina Cid Centelles, Elodie Ravera, Eelkje Miedema, Ashley Bauer, Stephanie Williams, Catherine Shields, Holly Norton, Claire-Louise Bode and coxswain Victoria Lazur placed ahead of California (6:30.15) and Washington (6:32.28), who also claimed lanes in the Grand Final by virtue of their second and third-place finishes.

The second varsity eight next raced down the course, earning a lane in the Grand Final after placing first in the first heat of competition with a time of 6:34.99. Daphne Socha, Chloe Meyer, Nicole Becks, Lauren Eckles, Meghan Birkbeck, Anne Dietrich, Katie King, Taylore Urban and coxswain Sami Jurofsky finished in front of second-place Princeton (6:38.58) and third-place Brown (6:40.32), who join the Buckeyes in the Grand Final due to their Top 3 finishes.

Lastly, the first varsity four closed racing Saturday morning with a fourth-place finish in the first A/B Semifinal, advancing to the Petite Final. The crew of Sarah Kessler, Anna Ralph, Anna Gackowski, Katie Beletskaya and coxswain Sarah Asad crossed the line in 7:39.20, behind first-place Stanford (7:31.94), second-place Virginia (7:32.18) and third-place Brown (7:33.56).

2014 NCAA Division I Championships

Day 2

May 31, 2014

Eagle Creek Park

Indianapolis, Ind.


Division I A/B Semifinals

First Varsity Eight – Heat 1

1. Ohio State – 6:28.58

2. California – 6:30.15

3. Washington – 6:32.28

4. Virginia – 6:35.70

5. USC – 6:43.46

6. Indiana – 6:48.19


Second Varsity Eight – Heat 1

1. Ohio State – 6:34.99

2. Princeton – 6:38.58

3. Brown – 6:40.32

4. UCLA – 6:42.39

5. Washington – 6:47.48

6. Washington State – 6:48.32

7. Harvard-Radcliffe – 6:51.03


First Varsity Four – Heat 1

1. Stanford – 7:31.94

2. Virginia – 7:32.18

3. Brown – 7:33.56

4. Ohio State – 7:39.20

5. Notre Dame – 7:50.26

6. Princeton – 7:55.10