Ohio State Wins Nine Races at First Regatta of Season
March 25, 2017

Columbus, Ohio – The second-ranked Ohio State women’s rowing team opened up its 2017 campaign with victories in nine of 14 races on Saturday at Belleville Lake against No. 9 Yale and Harvard (RV). The Buckeyes closed out the regatta winning five straight races.

The First Varsity Eight that consisted of Bridget Schodorf, Alice Riley, Morgan Hummel, Cassandra Johnson, Ida Kruse, Sandra Dinter, Rachel Engel, Stephanie Williams and Cassidy Jenney (coxswain) excelled in both sessions picking up wins with times of 6:38.59 and 6:34.24. In the first session, Ohio State knocked off Yale by nearly four seconds, and they returned in the afternoon session with another lengthy win over Harvard; they crossed the finish line 2.89 seconds ahead of the Crimson.

The Second Varsity Eight – Stephanie Gase, Maddie Perrett, Catherine McNutt, Hannah Hites, Chelsea Harpool, Allyson Baker, Sarah Peffley, Anne Dietrich and Anjali Fernandes (coxswain) - dropped its first contest of the regatta in the morning session, but rebounded with a stout performance in the afternoon session with a time of 6:38.79; the time helped the Buckeyes defeat Harvard (6:41.24); the 2V8 finished its afternoon race 3.37 seconds quicker than the morning session.



Both the First Varsity Four and Second Varsity Four won both of their races at the regatta. The 1V4 – Ashley Saba, Kimberleigh Warriner, Hanna Gottschalk, Annie Jachthuber and Helen Sudhoff (coxswain) - registered a win over Yale in the morning session with a time of 7:23.59, and they followed that up with a time of 7:21.18 to knock off Harvard in the second session. The times of 7:21.18 and 7:23.59 were the fastest and third-fastest marks of the day by Varsity Four boats.

The 2V4 of Abby Ernst, Joan Darnell, Daphne Socha, Kaylee Koker and Emma Warns (coxswain) collected wins in both sessions with times of 7:40.41 and 7:34.09.

The Third Varsity Four of Sierra Cydrus, Rachel Serafy, Kendell Massier, Laura Monteso Esmel and Meghan Mahoney (coxswain) won their race in the second session over Michigan with a time of 7:37.63. The Second Novice Eight picked up a win in the morning session over Michigan State and Michigan with a readout of 7:35.94; the 2N8+ was rowed by Jeannete Gardner, Kristin Hoying, Kylie Sturghill, Sheridan Cleave, Grace Libben, Megan Anderson, Sydnee Wilke, Megan Denk and Julia Linares (coxswain).  

Ohio State will make the trip to Redwood Shores, Calif., for the Stanford Invite that will take place next Saturday and Sunday (April 1-2). 

Morning Session
Ohio State -- 6:38.59
Yale -- 6:42.50 

Yale -- 6:38.02
Ohio State -- 6:42.16 

Ohio State -- 7:23.59
Yale -- 7:37.62 

Ohio State -- 7:40.41
Yale -- 7:47.01 

Michigan -- 7:44.09
Ohio State -- 7:55.97 

Yale -- 7:08.63
Ohio State -- 7:23.42 

Ohio State -- 7:35.94
Michigan State -- 7:36.36
Michigan -- 7:48.11 

Afternoon Session
Ohio State -- 6:34.24
Radcliffe -- 6:37.13 

Ohio State -- 6:38.79
Radcliffe -- 6:41.24  

Ohio State -- 7:21.18
Radcliffe -- 7:44.59 

Ohio State -- 7:34.09
Radcliffe -- 7:58.37  

Ohio State -- 7:37.63
Michigan -- 7:41.65 

Radcliffe --7:03.31
Ohio State -- 7:12.49
Michigan (1N) -- 7:13.11  

Michigan State -- 7:31.94
Ohio State -- 7:42.09
Michigan -- 7:44.49

First Varsity Eight
Bridget Schodorf
Alice Riley
Morgan Hummel
Cassandra Johnson
Ida Kruse
Sandra Dinter
Rachel Engel
Stephanie Williams
Coxswain – Cassidy Jenney 

Second Varsity Eight
Stephanie Gase
Maddie Perrett
Catherine McNutt
Hannah Hites
Chelsea Harpool
Allyson Baker
Sarah Peffley
Anne Dietrich
Coxswain – Anjali Fernandes 

First Varsity Four
Ashley Saba
Kimberleigh Warriner
Hanna Gottschalk
Annie Jachthuber
Coxswain – Helen Sudhoff 

Second Varsity Four
Abby Ernst
Joan Darnell
Daphne Socha
Kaylee Koker
Coxswain – Emma Warns

Third Varsity Four
Sierra Cydrus
Rachel Serafy
Kendell Massier
Laura Monteso Esmel
Coxswain – Meghan Mahoney 

Novice Eight
Virginia Brosnahan
Michayla Binkley
Sierra Tiede
Madison Sheahan
Bailey Spees
Olivia Carter
Katherine Kreczmer
Madelaine Frendberg
Cameron Garcia (coxswain) 

Second Novice Eight
Jeanette Gardner
Kristin Hoying
Kylie Sturghill
Sheridan Cleave
Grace Libben
Megan Anderson
Sydnee Wilke
Megan Denk
Julia Linares (coxswain)