2017 Football Student Season Ticket Quick Guide

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The student football ticket waiting list opens Monday, June 12th at 8:00am and will only to be used for those students who meet one of the below criteria:

  1. A student who was not able to procure tickets during their appropriate ordering window.
  2. A specific student ticket package (full season or Big Ten Conference) is sold out and the student wishes to switch their order to that package.
  3. Block "O" seating is sold out and a student wants to switch from reserved seating to Block "O" (or vice-versa).
  4. Purchased seating in Block "O" South and would like Block "O" North (or vice-versa).
  5. A package is sold out and a married student forgot to purchase an additional ticket for their spouse/partner.

**IMPORTANT** - All waitlist requests must be submitted online through the Ohio State Student Ticket Account Manager site. Entries to the waiting list will be added in the order in which they are received and those on the waiting list will automatically be charged if/when a ticket becomes available.

PLEASE NOTE: Waitlist requests will be fulfilled from inventory made available from students requesting refunds prior to the deadline and/or students not being eligible to claim their ticket(s). We encourage students who joined the Block "O" waitlist (to switch from reserved to Block “O”) to join a seating group for their reserved student ticket package prior to the group seating deadline if you have not yet been contacted regarding the fulfillment of your waitlist request.

  • Detailed screenshots of the waitlist process are available by clicking HERE
    Online window open: Monday, June 19th through Friday, July 14th

    You must first complete your ticket purchase before you are able to submit your request for group seating.
    Students who have purchased reserved seating and wish to be seated with other students should follow the instructions below to complete the group seating process. The group seating window will be open from Monday, June 19th at 9 a.m. to Friday, July 14th at 5 p.m. The group seating window will be available only for home games (for away games, students who wish to sit together must pick up their tickets at the same time). Students who have purchased seating in Block "O" will not be able to facilitate group seating for their tickets as Block "O" is a general admission first-come, first-served seating area. Students wishing to sit in a group in Block "O" must all purchase Block "O" tickets and arrive at the game at the same time to sit together.

    As a reminder, student seating is allocated based on the lowest class rank in the group. Class ranks used are the class ranks as of the end of Spring Semester 2017, and are defined by the University as the following:

    Undergraduate/Graduate Students:
    Rank 1 - 0-30 credit hours of coursework earned through OSU as of the end of Spring Semester 2017
    Rank 2 - 30.5-60 credit hours of coursework earned through OSU as of the end of Spring Semester 2017
    Rank 3 - 60.5-90 credit hours of coursework earned through OSU as of the end of Spring Semester 2017
    Rank 4 - 90.5 credit hours or more of coursework earned through OSU as of the end of Spring Semester 2017

    Professional Students:
    Professional student class rankings are determined by each individual college. If you have questions, please contact your college.

    Additionally, graduate and professional students will maintain the highest rank attained as an undergraduate student if that undergraduate work was completed at The Ohio State University, and that rank is higher than their current rank in their graduate or professional program.

    If you believe there is a discrepancy in your class rank, you must provide supporting documentation from your Academic Advisor by 5:00pm on June 30th to the OSU Athletics Ticket Office for review.

    Each group should designate a group leader who will create the group and inform all desired members of the group name and password. The group leader may limit which class rank(s) may join his/her group. For example, if a group of rank 4's wishes to remain as such, the system will not allow students of any other rank to join their group. The group leader defines this restriction during the Group Creation process. If adjustments to your group seating selection need to be facilitated after you have joined a group, each student must edit his/her own order by following the steps below. Changes to groups may only be made while the group seating window is open. Group changes will not be possible after the group seating window is closed on Friday, July 14th at 5 p.m. No exceptions.

    Step-by-step instructions for creating, joining, and editing student seating groups will be available soon!

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