Request-a-Tutor Instructions

Dear Student-Athletes,
A reminder about tutor requests: A) Please request a tutor with at least 48 hours' notice. B) We will not be able to fill same-day tutor requests C) Contact your counselor in an urgent situation
Thank you,
Dr. Ruth Staveley Assistant Director

The instructions for scheduling appointments are below. You can also visit Ruth, Crystal, Brittany, Joann in the Younkin Success Center to get a quick tutorial.

  1. Go to upper right hand side click "Login".
  2. Log into GradesFirst using your
  3. From your GradesFirst "Home", locate your "Class Information".
  4. Next to the desired course click on "Schedule Tutor Appt".
  5. Select a tutor to view his/her availability. Tutors highlighted in red are NOT available to tutor your course. Note: if there are no tutors available, you will need to return to "Class Information" and "Request Tutor Appt". You will be notified within 48 hours that your request has been received.
  6. Select two consecutive (same day) white time boxes. This will schedule a one-time, one-hour appointment. Tutoring is only offered as one-hour appointments. Note: Red boxes are conflicts: DO NOT SCHEDULE.***
  7. If you want the appointment to recur every week, got to "Repeat This Appointment" dropdown menu and click "Weekly". Then click the day of the appointment. Don't touch the "Keep every.." dropdown. Then, do "Repeat Until" and select DECEMBER 9
  8. Click on "Save Appointment".
  9. Click on "Calendar" to view saved appointment. Tutoring appointments will appear in green.
  10. A confirmation email will be sent to you with the date, time, tutor, and location of your appointment.
Have you heard about the Tutoring Center at Fawcett?

The Fawcett offers a quiet learning environment with an attached computer lab and free printing.

The Fawcett Center, located at 2400 Olentangy River Rd (across from WHAC), is open Monday through Thursday 8am-10:00pm, Friday from 8am-5pm. Entrance to the tutoring suite can be reached through the East doors, closest to the Olentangy River. "C" parking is available. (Must have parking pass!!)

Students who request tutoring will receive an appointment confirmation email from GradesFirst indicating the appointment location ("Fawcett").


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