Buckeye Student-Athletes Go International 2018
April 3, 2018

Columbus, Ohio -- Upon completion of their competition schedules for the 2017-2018 academic year, 45 Ohio State student-athletes will travel abroad as part of the Buckeyes Go International (BGI) program. Now in its 5th year, SASSO and the Department of Athletics' continue to expand the BGI program by providing international experiences to student-athletes both through education abroad and service-learning opportunities.

This year's BGI trips will feature Buckeyes from 27 unique athletic programs, traveling to 11 countries. Student-athletes will be sharing their experiences through unique blog and video entries to keep the community updated on experiences throughout the summer. Trips and participants include:

  • Margaret Barrie (WTR) Exploring Japan: Wellness, Sport & Culture
  • Evan Bluemel (MGY) Great Britain: Global May
  • Michael Chan (MGY), Phoebe Coffin (WSY) and Natalia Falkowski (WFE) Australia: Human Impact on the Natural Environment
  • Mossimo Chavez (MSW), Madison Field (WIH), Alyssa Hoying (WSY), Erin Langermeier (WIH), Sarah Roberts (WSO) and Monica Velazquez-Stiak (WSY), Makayla Waterman (WBB) Germany and Czech Republic: European Model of Sport
  • Josh Hurwitz (MGY) New Zealand: Sustainable Tourism & Impact on the Environment
  • Alexis Mattern (WGY) Greece: Intro to Western Tradition & Contemporary Issues
  • Emily Nothangle (XPS) Brazil: Studying Brazilian Culture through Music & Education
  • Bailey Urbach (XRI) Japan: Public Health Perspectives

Taylor Hughes (WVB) and Haley Walker-Robinson (WSO)

Coach for College is a service-learning program that brings together US student-athletes and Vietnamese university students to teach academics, sports, and life skills at summer camp. The program connects together Ohio State student-athletes with disadvantaged children living in rural Vietnam. More information about Coach for College can be found at http://www.coachforcollege.org/.

Joshua Alabi (FB); Joey Bonanno (MGY); Rob Delagrange (XPS); Camry Halm (WVB); Justin Hilliard (FB); Janelle McClelland (WGY); Alex Nichols (MSO); Micah Potter (MBB); Liv Soares (WIH); Marike St. Pierre Mousset (WSO); Emma Von Dadelszen (WFE); Makayla Waterman (WBB); and Noah Worobetz (MSW)

14 Buckeyes are headed to Costa Rica from May 2-9 in partnership with Global Vision International (GVI), where they will engage in youth-related and community development activities in the coastal city of Quepos. Ohio State's second trip with the organization, GVI is dedicated to providing high quality and high impact life-changing experiences across the globe. You can find out more information about GVI at https://www.gviusa.com/international-service-learning/.

Asa Burke (MTR); Katya Duvall (WSB); Chance Ehrnsberger (MTR); Jack Jasinski (MLA); Domenik Koch (MFE); Devin Landstra (WSW); Paige Postalwait (WLA); Alexus Pyles (WTR); Nate Romans (MBA); Olivia Sneed (WTE); Zach Steiner (MWR); Stephanie Thielemann (WSY); Rhiann Travis (XRI); and John Wiitala (MIH)

14 Buckeyes are headed to Nicaragua from August 3-9 in partnership with Soles4Souls (S4S), where they will provide shoes to those in need at local schools and communities throughout the country. This will be Ohio State's sixth trip with S4S, a non-profit dedicated to fighting poverty through the distribution of shoes and clothing. Previous trips include Costa Rica, Jamaica, Bolivia, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. More information about S4s can be found at https://soles4souls.org/.