Buckeyes Paying it Forward

Oct. 23, 2013

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - Fifty-five student-athletes and four coaches from the Ohio State men's track and field and cross country program are giving their time to a community service project this week, helping to clean, clear and prepare two homes for the Ronald McDonald House this week. 

These houses will eventually be utilized by the Ronald McDonald House to provide shelter for future incoming need-based families while in town for treatment.

Tasks being completed by the team include tearing up old flooring and carpeting, cleaning out debris from the basement, and emptying bedrooms of construction debris including drywall and excess molding. They removed old book cases and an old fire place and fixed multiple electrical outlets after turning off the breaker to the house. Lots of sweeping, mopping and dusting was needed. 

The team also worked outside on landscaping by trimming rose bushes, removing 600 pounds of cinder blocks and concrete pavers and moving two, 250-pound rocks from the front to the back. The men are going to be installing subflooring in the entrance way of one of the homes this week.

Pumpkins were also carved by the team for the houses, including a block "O" themed pumpkin for the front porch.