Ohio State Wrestling Booster/NCAA Ticket Policy

2015 NCAA Ticket Allotment Policy

The below policy lays out the quantities, locations and priority order allotted to different groups of people who have access to NCAA Wrestling Tickets in the OSU Wrestling section.

All ticket offers are subject to availability. The allotment of tickets that Ohio State receives varies on a year to year basis depending on numerous factors, including the teams' final ranking in the previous season and the venue that is hosting the championships.

1.The first 40 tickets will be allotted to the ten wresters that qualify to compete in the NCAA Championships. Each competing wrestler will be able to provide up to four complimentary tickets to guests.
 *Comp tickets only cover the cost of the tickets themselves, additional processing and the price of the tshirts that come with the tickets still apply.
 *If an athlete's family needs more than the 4 comp tickets, they must purchase them by one of the below methods.
2.Overtime Club members will have the next priority access to purchase tickets and can get 4 tickets per membership.
*Historically, lower bowl tickets are still available for Overtime Club members during this order window.
Ticket ordering window: To be announced. Typically late December.
3.Season Ticket holders & Booster Club members have the next priority to purchase NCAA tickets. Depending on availability members will possibly have access to lower bowl and if not lower bowl, priority upper bowl location. If seats are available in the lower bowl, 2 tickets will be available per Booster Club membership or season ticket. Historically, not all Booster Club or Season Ticket holders will be able to get seats in the lower bowl as they sell out quick.
 *One Booster Club Membership has access to purchase 2 tickets.
 **People who are both Booster Club members and season ticket holder still just have access to just 2 tickets.
 ***The purchaser of season tickets who has purchased multiple season tickets will have access to still just 2 NCAA tickets
 ****This allotment of tickets is based on a first come- first serve basis.
 Ticket ordering window: To be announced. Typically early January.
4.All remaining tickets will be open to purchase by the general public. Historically, only the upper bowl tickets are left for purchase for the general public.

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