Buckeye Wrestling Donor Club

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Dear Friends of Ohio State Wrestling:

What an amazing journey the 2015-16 season was for your Ohio State Wrestling Buckeyes. Developing the "total person" into the best version of them self will always be our motto. We will always work to connect Love with Action. This season was one of our finest in school history. Finishing third at NCAA without Hunter Stieber was no easy task. We witnessed gritty performances up and down the line up. The NCAA’s were epic in Madison Square Garden as we crowned two NCAA individual champs (Myles Martin- youngest Buckeye ever & Kyle Snyder). Kyle would go on to win Olympic Gold as the youngest American champion in USA history. Kollin Moore also shined as he earned a spot on the USA Jr. World team. We are truly grateful for the support each and every one of you provided us throughout the whole season.

We are excited for what the future holds for the 2016-17 Wrestling Buckeyes. With an outstanding line-up of incoming freshmen and with returning more than 72 expected points, we will be battling once again for the 2017 NCAA National Championship title, where we won the 2015 title in St. Louis, MO. The future for your Buckeyes is only getting brighter. Coach Woody Hayes said it best when he said "you win with people" and that is what we are doing... we are winning with you. Your generosity provides us with the resources we need to support our endeavor to run a first class organization for our men, their families and the great university they represent.

Your donation will go to help pay for one of the many different expenses that our program has to cover each year. Some of these expenses include:

  • Summer school expenses for our athletes
  • Team leadership programs
  • Staff salaries
  • Nutritional needs and team meals
  • National Team travel expenses
  • Repair for equipment and current facility expenses
  • Operating expenses
  • Team awards and end of year banquet expenses

Last season our goal was to raise $250,000 to cover the above costs along with many others that come up throughout the season. Thanks to your donations we were able to raise $200,000. We are asking all of our supporters to please consider giving 25% above what you gave last season to cover the $250,000 needed to be the best program in the nation. Donors who give $100 or more to our program will receive the opportunity to purchase NCAA tickets in our fan section at the 2017 NCAA National Championships.

You will be proud of the Buckeye wrestling team and we hope you decide to play a role in the great future ahead by joining our donor club. Thank you for your support. We win with people, we win with you.