Student-Athlete Spotlight: Kenny Courts, Wrestling

Nov. 12, 2014

Kenny Courts, Wrestling, Student-Athlete Spotlight

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Kenny Courts
RS Junior
Wrestling, 184 lbs.
Harrisburg, Pa.

Kenny Courts, a redshirt junior from Harrisburg, Pa., is a returning NCAA qualifier for the Buckeyes and finished last season one match away from earning All-America honors. He had a team-leading 32 victories, one of only two team members with 30+ wins. Courts started his 2014-15 season by winning the 184-pound weight class at the Mercyhurst Open.

Student Life
Do you prefer Oval Beach in the Fall or Spring (or maybe the Winter)? - Spring
Where is the best place to sit for lectures? - Right in the front
Why did you choose your major [sociology]? - I like working with people.
If you were the University President for a day, what would you do? - Give all the athletes free food.
Describe your first day as a student at The Ohio State University? - No had no clue where any of my classes were.

Popular Culture
Favorite TV show - Breaking Bad
Favorite movie - Blow
Favorite book and/or magazine - Outliers
Favorite singer or musical group - Drake
Last concert I attended was - Rick Ross/Meek Mill

Favorite pro sports team - Los Angeles Lakers
Favorite athlete - Kobe Bryant
Favorite athletic memory - Winning the 189-pound state title as a senior in high school
Team you're most looking forward to competing against - Penn State

Most interesting place I've visited - Jamaica
Place I would like to visit - Fiji

Favorite home cooked meal - My mom's lasagna
Guilty pleasure snack and/or food - Macaroni and cheese

Person I most admire - My dad
In 10 years, I would like to be - Coaching wrestling
If I had a million dollars, I would - Invest it
Coolest thing you did this past summer - Go to Hawaii
Most prized possession - My fish tank
I would like to trade places for a day with - Bill Gates
Dream event (non-sport or sport-related) you would like to attend - The NCAA Wrestling National Championship finals
If your parents/guardians bragged about you, what would they say? - That I'm a good kid
Who tweets too much on your team - Tom Ryan
Do you have an interesting nickname? - Swizzy
Pop or Soda? - Soda
Cats or Dogs? - Dogs
Early Bird or Night Owl? - Night owl, but I'm trying to change my ways
Would you be the O, H, I or the O? - O