Student-Athlete Spotlight: Logan Stieber, Wrestling

March 2, 2015

2015 Big Ten Wrestling Championship Central

Abie Ehimwenman, Women's Swimming, Student-Athlete Spotlight

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Logan Stieber, a senior from Monroeville, Ohio, is one of the most decorated wrestlers in NCAA history. This year, he is attempting to become just the fourth person in NCAA history to win four national championships. At 111-3 in his career, he currently owns the best winning percentage (.974) in Buckeye history. This weekend, he and Ohio State host the Big Ten Championships at St. John Arena.

To purchase tickets to the Big Ten Wrestling Championships, click here.

Student Life
Do you prefer Oval Beach in the Fall or Spring (or maybe the Winter)? -Spring
Where is the best place to sit for lectures? - Front of the class
Most underrated place to study on campus -My couch
If you were the University President for a day, what would you do? - I would try and meet as many students as possible

Popular Culture
Favorite TV show - Game of Thrones
Favorite movie - Wedding Crashers
Favorite book and/or magazine - Unbroken
Favorite celebrity - Adriana Lima
Favorite singer or musical group - Taylor Swift

Favorite pro sports team - Cleveland Cavs
Favorite athlete - Lebron James
The athlete I would most like to compete against - Mavlet Batirov, two-time Olympic champion from Russia wrestling
Favorite athletic memory - Beating Iowa in 2012
Team you're most looking forward to competing against - All Big Ten teams at the conference championships
Pre-game/match superstition/Pre-game/match ritual - Relax and give my coaches a hand slap
What is your top skill? What skill do you need to improve? - Top skill - calmness at all times

Most interesting place I've visited - Hawaii
Place I would like to visit - Dubai

Favorite home-cooked meal - Anything my dad cooks on the smoker

Person I most admire - My mom- she had to deal with me, Hunter and my dad!
In 10 years, I would like to be - Happily married and successful
If I had a million dollars, I would - Invest half of it, take my parents on vacation, and treat myself
Coolest thing you did this past summer - Went to Hawaii
Most prized possession - My closest friends/family
Best piece of advice you've received - Enjoy every moment everyday
If you could have dinner with any 3 people (alive or dead), who would they be and what/where would you eat - Mohamed Ali, Pope Francis, My grandma who passed away five years ago. We'd have steak and lobster.
Dream event (non-sport or sport-related) you would like to attend - Fifa World Cup
Who tweets too much on your team? -Tom, our coach. Haha
Do you have an interesting nickname? Logie Bear
What is your hometown known for?- My 2010 high school team state championship
Pop or Soda? Pop
Cats or Dogs? I have a cat now, so cats!
Early Bird or Night Owl? Night owl