On The Awards Stand...

Feb. 27, 2012

Photo Gallery

Take a look at some photos from the Big Ten championships just completed at Iowa, and all the Buckeyes who made an appearance on the awards stand there!

Also announced at the championships were first- and second-team all-Big Ten selections:

2012 All-Big Ten Teams

First Team All-Big Ten

Miguel Ortiz, Michigan

Richard Funk, Michigan

John Wojciechowski, Michigan

Evan Gregg, Michigan

Daniel Madwed, Michigan

Michael Wynalda, Michigan

Connor Jaeger, Michigan

Kyle Whitaker, Michigan

Sean Fletcher, Michigan

Ryan Feeley, Michigan

Jason Schnur, Ohio State

Shane Miszkiel, Ohio State

Andrew Elliott, Ohio State

Ryan Phelan, Iowa

Duncan Partridge, Iowa

Gianni Sesto, Iowa

Paul Gordon, Iowa

Jordan Huff, Iowa

Cody Miller, Indiana

James Wells, Indiana

Darian Schmidt, Indiana

Kris Jorgensen, Minnesota


Second Team All-Big Ten

Nathaniel Savoy, Penn State

Mitchell Scherer, Penn State

Sean Grier, Penn State

Brian Alden, Penn State

Shane Austin, Penn State

Lincoln Fahrbach, Ohio State

Zachary Holmes, Ohio State

Zachary Birnbrich, Ohio State

Stephen Sakaris, Ohio State

Alex Miller, Ohio State

Christian Holstein, Ohio State

Michael Weiss, Wisconsin

Daniel Lester, Wisconsin

Bruno Ortiz, Michigan

Roman Willets, Michigan

Sean Ryan, Michigan

Mikey Ross, Minnesota

Conor Murphy, Indiana