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  • Play Like Connor Today and Beyond

    Messages of comfort and support in response to the loss of Ohio State men's soccer freshman Connor Senn

    Time passes, but we remember Connor and hold him in our hearts. Go Bucks!
    Don and Kathy Grossnickle
    Parents of Connor's Teammate Todd Grossnickle

    I want to offer my sympathy and our team's deepest feelings and prayer for Connor Senn his family and all his friends and soccer teammates at Ohio State.

    We will take time on Sunday to honor him as a fellow student athlete, soccer player and young man.
    Louis Bennett & UW-Milwaukee Men's Soccer team

    I just want to offer my deepest sympathies to the family of Connor Senn, and the entire OSU soccer program.
    Sam Virdo (Fellow soccer player)
    I was at a soccer camp this summer at Denison University. One of our councilors was Conner Senn. I was really sad when I heard that he had died during a match with Akron. I am 13 and from Chillicothe, Ohio. While at camp Conner made me feel like I was a good friend. I had planned on coming to watch him play this year, but did not make it. I am sorry for your loss and mine.
    Tyler Bryant
    I just wanted to say how privileged I feel to have had the opportunity to have known Connor. I have gone to school with him my whole life and last visited him at Ohio State shortly before his death, where I met some of his teammates and had a huge talk with him about school and all that lay before him. I am just sorry he won't have the chance to experience more of the wonderful life he was living. He was a good friend and a beautiful person.

    My heart goes out to all who were touched by him. He will always be in mine.
    Christen Black

    I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to Conner Senn's family in Granville, Ohio and to his "soccer family" in Columbus for their loss. I played on the 1980 - 84 OSU soccer team and currently follow the teams progress from Singapore on the website.
    Salvatore Drago
    I am a soccer coach in Northwest Ohio. My son is a freshman at Ashland this year. I lost my oldest son two years ago to a freak accident. I understand the shock, the loss, and the deep sadness his family feels. At the pre-season scrimmage against SMU, I sat right behind the family. I pray for them and can only say, that the loss will always hurt but you will learn to cope.
    Tom Shook, Maumee Ohio
    On behalf of the myself and my team, I'd like to express my deepest sympathy and sorrow for Connor Senn's family, teammates, and friends. We had three games here at OSU the weekend of September 29-30, and before each game we had the officials and players from both teams pause for an extended moment of silence in Connor's memory.

    Good luck to the Varsity squad on continuing their already successful season.
    Jason Hurley & the Ohio State Men's Club Soccer Team

    I give out all my love to his parents, family, and friends. As a friend said, he was a good man down here, he'll be even better up there.

    Liz Bell

    Conor and his family are in the thoughts and prayers of the women's soccer team of Oregon State University.
    Dear family friends and teammates. We all here at Santa Clara University were very sad to here about the loss of your friend. We have read all of the wonderful things people have had to say about him, we are deeply sorry for your loss.
    Santa Clara Men's Soccer
    On behalf of the soccer families at ORU, we'd like to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Connor Senn. He touched the lives of all those who knew him, and by association, many of us who didn't know him at all. Fellow teammate Sammy Tamporello and friend Sun Potter at ORU are deeply saddened for your loss, and their loss of a great link in the chain of our whole soccer family.
    The Family of Sun Potter, ORU Soccer Family, and Coach Steve Hayes
    The Liberty Union High School soccer program would like to express its condolences to Connor's family, friends, and teammates at OSU and Granville in this time of sadness. It was a privelege to have watched him play and coach against him last year. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who were touched in some way by his life.
    Coach Andy Thomas
    Liberty Union High School Soccer Program

    My heart goes out to Connor Senn's family, friends, and Ohio State teammates. Here in NYC, I recently lost one of my closest friends in the tragic terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. My prayers are with both Connor and my dear friend, John McDowell.

    Recently, I saw the team play St. John's in Garden City, NY. In a tremendous come from behind victory, the entire team played with great emotion, intensity and desire. I came to understand what "Play Like Connor" means. That kind of passion for the game makes me proud to be a Buckeye soccer alum.
    Best of Luck with the rest of the season!
    Patrick Tracy
    Ohio State Soccer '87-'91

    We were honored to watch Connor Senn and our son, Todd Grossnickle as fellow defenders on the 2001 Ohio State University Mens Soccer team. His great love of the game and mighty spirit were always evident as he proudly played as a Buckeye. We had the pleasure of becoming friends celebrating the great OSU victory over Creighton together. Our time was too short knowing this outstanding young man. Connor will forever be a part of Todd's life. Our prayers are lifted in thanksgiving because Connor touched our lives. He proudly excelled on the field of competition. He touched us and we have grown. We offer prayers of support for Connor's mom and dad and family.
    With love,
    Don and Kathy Grossnickle
    Arlington Heights, Il.

    I had the privilege to play soccer with Connor during his middle school years. Connor's passion for soccer remained in all aspects of his life. Connor was an inspirational person that I will never forget. My sympathies go out to his family and friends.
    Mark Salierno
    Evanston, IL

    I want to give my deepest sympathy to the Senn family. I had the pleasure of playing with Connor in club soccer. He was not only a player, but a person that everyone looked up to. I especially admired his abilities on and off the field. He is going to be missed greatly by everyone.
    Jared Dombrowski
    Columbus Metro Teammate

    As the holidays approach, I wanted to pass along my along my prayers to Connor's family and friends. I did not know Connor, but as a former OSU player, I can say that he has been in the thoughts and prayers of many of my former teammates and fellow alumni. He touched far more people than he or his family could have recognized.
    Jim Waters
    (OSU Soccer '82-'83)

    Remembering Connor during the 2002 season. The OSU soccer team continues to carry his spirit. This year beating Akron 2-0 was a tribute. We remember him often. In Austria during the summer team trip the players, coaches, and parents who traveled remembered him at a special time of prayer.
    Don and Kathy Grossnickle
    Parents of #5 Senior Todd Grossnickle
    Arlington Heights, Illinois

    We are all deeply saddened by the unfortunate event that took place. Hopefully, somehow, some good can come from such a tragic happening. Connor is in our prayers, and will be for some time.
    St. Cloud, MN Soccer Supporter
    As a former player from Bexley, I had the opportunity to compete against Connor on many occasions. He was a fierce competitor and played the game with class. When Connor passed away last year, we not only lost a great player, but more importantly, a great person.
    Thoughts and prayers go out to Connor, from a fan of World Soccer.
    Desmond Devlin.
    County Tyrone, N Ireland.

    I was the sports medicine fellow covering soccer the when Conner played at OSU. I was not present on that tragic day and I did not get to know Conner that well but I will never forget him. I will always remember "Play like Conner".
    Dan Montero, MD
    I have been a buckeye fan since i was born i would go to any game that was close. I was at the game at Akron U when conner passed away. I played for the local school st.vincent-st.mary. I loved to watch osu play i could learn so much from them. Since that night every game that i play a can't help but replay that night in my head. I will never forget that night it has motivated me to always "play like conner". My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends.
    Akron, Ohio