Student-Athlete Spotlight: Sage Gardner, Men's Soccer

Oct. 1, 2013

Men's Soccer Senior Defender, S. Gardner

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Sage Gardner #5
Men's Soccer
Senior Defender
Columbus, Ohio
Major: Corporate Finance

Sage Gardner returned to the Buckeye lineup at left back for his senior season in 2013. Gardner, a native of Columbus, Ohio, was named captain for the second-consecutive campaign and also was selected to the Big Ten Preseason Players to Watch List at the start of the year. He has started in all 67 matches in his career and leads the squad in 2013 with three points on a goal and an assist.

Student Life

    Do you prefer the Oval in the Fall or Spring (or maybe the Winter)? Definitely Spring. The warmer, the better it becomes a real beach. I like it in the winter though because there are less distractions walking through it to class!

    Where is the best place to sit for lectures? Ideally the front of the room, realistically the very back. There is no chance of sitting in the middle of a huge lecture...I'm claustrophobic.

    Most underrated place to study on campus? Denney Hall classrooms! During finals week you can grab a whole room to yourself. No distractions and plenty of space.

    Why did you choose to major in corporate finance? I chose corporate finance because my Dad basically told me to. I love numbers and money. Who doesn't love money!?

    If you were the University President for a day, what would you do? I would wake up early and grab a nice coffee and breakfast. Then I would read the newspaper and hangout in my dope office for a few hours! I would love to walk around to as many classes as possible and speak to the students to just see how their campus life was going and seek any advice on improving it. I would just soak myself in the life of a student for as long as possible.

    Describe your first day as a student at The Ohio State University? Overwhelmed, but in a good way. Walking to class at 7:30 a.m., I didn't see a whole lot of students out yet. But, after that first class walking through the Oval to Thompson library to eat breakfast and hangout until my next class, I realized how unbelievable this place is. Students were walking everywhere; there were buildings everywhere with any resource you could ever imagine. I realized it was a city in itself. I instantly fell in love and at home!

Popular Culture

    Who do you wish had a Twitter account? Why would you want to "follow" this account? David Beckham, he is my favorite athlete/celebrity and I would love to see what a day in the life of Becks is like. Probably the sickest life ever!

    Favorite TV show - Everybody Loves Raymond. Clean, Family, Fun.

    Favorite movie - Gladiator or Rudy. It's a tough decision

    Favorite book and/or magazine - Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers

    Favorite celebrity - David Beckham

    Favorite singer or musical group - Any Country artist, depends on the day or week. I love all kinds of music.

    Last concert I attended was - Zac Brown Band for my 20th birthday. It was a Great concert!


    Favorite pro sports team - That's tough because I never was really raised to love one pro sports team. I honestly don't have one that I'm a fanatic about, but if I had to pick one it would probably be AC Milan, solely because soccer is the best sport and I've always dreamed of playing/living in Italy!

    Favorite athlete - David Beckham hands down!

    The athlete I would most like to compete against - Well David Beckham, but that ship sailed when he retired, so now it would probably Neymar or Cristiano Ronaldo so I could shut them down.

    Favorite athletic memory - Winning the National Championship for the Crew Academy U19's in summer of 2012. But, I can't wait to make the memory of winning a Big Ten title/ring this fall!

    Pre-game match superstition/ritual - Listening to Country music because it calms me down when I become so anxious I get nauseated.

    What is your top skill? What skill do you need to improve? - My top skill is my determination and love for competition, but never becoming flustered and always keeping a level head. I need to improve on everything! I am a perfectionist so nothing is ever good enough. There is always room to get better.


    Most interesting place I've visited - I'm OBSESSED with the San Francisco/Bay area and I love Napa Valley.

    Place I would like to visit - Anywhere in Italy!


    Favorite home cooked meal - My mom makes some of the best stromboli I've ever tasted, so probably that with a side of cheesy potatoes and Texas sheet cake for dessert!

    Favorite snack food - Chips and Salsa/Queso dip


    People I most admire - Both of my parents. I wouldn't be anywhere I am today without either of them. Their love and passion for my passions has allowed me to pursue the sport I love to any level I want to. They've always encouraged me and sometimes I think they enjoy what I love (Soccer) more than I do. I only hope to be half the parents that they have been!

    The greatest risk I've ever taken was - Sleeping with my socks on? Haha, I don't take very many big risks, I can't even think of one.

    In 10 years, I would like to be - Playing professional soccer in a place I love.

    If I had a million dollars, I would - Travel the world. There would be no set plan on where I would go, but travel to some beautiful places with family and friends.

    Most prized possession - A dream box my dad gave me when I started high school soccer.

    I would like to trade places for a day with - Come on, David Beckham!

    Best piece of advice you've received - My dad always told me I could be/have anything I want in this life, but I can't be/have everything. It's guided me to pursue my true passions and try to become the best possible I can at those few things, not trying to stress about being the best at everything.

    If you could have dinner with any 3 people (alive or dead), who would they be and what/where would you eat - David Beckham, Gandhi, and Jesus. I would have a home cooked meal by both of my grandmas! It would be the best food any of those three had ever tasted!

    Any superstitions, non-game related - I don't know if this counts as a superstition, but I absolutely HATE anyone walking up the stairs behind me. If someone is coming up the stairs at home right behind me, I have to sprint away from them. Or when I turn off the lights in the basement there is no chance I will calmly walk up the stairs, instantaneous sprint.

    Dream event (non-sport or sport-related) you would like to attend - World Cup final either playing or as a spectator. To me that is the most amazing event the world participates in. So much culture on display and it has been known to literally stop fighting for a period of time.

    If your parents/guardians bragged about you, what would they say? - Well first off, my parents, my mom in particular, LOVES to brag about all her children and how they are great at everything! For me, the thing they love bragging about me most is the fact I've captained an Ohio State athletics team.

    Pop or Soda? - Pop, sometimes I may even be bold enough to call it soda-pop!

    Cats or Dogs? - Dogs! I want an Australian shepherd puppy.

    Early Bird or Night Owl? - I feel so much more productive late at night, but I also love waking up fairly early because it automatically increases the time in a day. Plus I'm a grandpa and enjoy a cup of coffee watching the news.

    Would you be the O, H, I or the O? - I picture myself being the first O no particular reason why.