Blog: Sean Duddy Checks In from the Road
Sean Duddy has four assists this season. He played in his 100th career game last week.

Nov. 17, 2011

The Buckeyes - ranked 14th in the national polls this week - headed to Ann Arbor today for two games with No. 7-ranked Michigan. The teams will meet at 7:35 p.m. Friday and Saturday in Yost Ice Arena.

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Buckeye senior co-captain Sean Duddy (a native of Ann Arbor) takes over the blogging duties this week

Hi Buckeye Nation, I have some big shoes to fill after Danny's blog last week, but I'll do my best. Practice has been really good this week; guys have been battling hard to get ready for Michigan this weekend. Dries really set the tone with an inspiring pre-practice speech on Tuesday - he's like a cross between Herb Brooks and Farmer Fran from "The Waterboy."

On Tuesday, a couple of us went to Nationwide Children's Hospital to spend some time with the kids, and we were pleasantly surprised to discover we would be playing bingo. I gave myself the MVP of the night, and Justin DaSilva was by far the worst player there. Cory Schneider and I had so much fun we have decided to add bingo to the Sunday activities at the Sunnyvale Retirement Community, right after the porridge breakfast and before Cory retires to his chair for the day.

We headed out around lunch time today, and everyone is excited to have a sharp practice and get ready for the battles on Friday and Saturday. There's been a lot of speculation about the meals for the weekend, and rumor has it Matt Johnson asked Brian (Unverferth, the team's strength and conditioning coach) if the hotel will put together a special order for him; a raw steak marinated in raw eggs and seasoned with protein powder. Considering the number of hits and blocked shots he puts up every game, I'm thinking about going on that diet myself.

I know a lot of people out there are wondering, and I'm here to put your fears at ease; I have decided to continue the Movember Power Rankings:

Top Five
Paul Kirtland - Currently the Packers of the Movember race, it'll be pretty tough to get ahead of him.
Cory Schneider - He was accused last week of using performance enhancers, but the use of these drugs (aka hair dye) isn't prohibited so I'll chalk it up to a wiley vet move.
Coach Rich (strength and conditioning coach) - His stache makes him even more intimidating when he's making Dries do pushups for swearing in the weight room.
Justin DaSilva - He came out of the womb already rocking a stache.
Matt Johnson - His high-protein diet stimulates facial hair growth.

Bottom Five
Brady Hjelle - He has a sloppy stache to match his body.
Brian Unverferth - If he spent as much effort on growing his stache as he did coming up with off-season circuits for us and working on his pecs, he could crack the top five.
Danny Dries - He's already the creepiest guy on the team, and the stache makes it even worse.
Alex Carlson - Not only did he fail to properly scrub off the Just For Men, he also missed a spot right in the middle of his stache.
Sean Duddy - I've set up hidden cameras to make sure no one's shaving my face while I'm asleep, and I have the thickest hair on the team so it's only a matter of time until the stache thickens up.

Thanks a lot for reading this week, it sounds like we'll have some great support this weekend from the Buckeye fans - especially the Knucklebucks and hopefully the Scarlet Men. We'll put together a couple of great games for you guys, and I'll check back in on Sunday. Go Bucks!