Blog: Danny Dries Wraps Up the Weekend
Danny Dries leads the BUckeyes with eight goals this year and shares the point lead with 12.

Nov. 14, 2011

The Buckeyes are coming off a two-game sweep of Northern Michigan last weekend, winning both games 4-1. The team is on a seven-game unbeaten streak, has won its last five games and has moved into the national polls at No. 14.

The team heads to Ann Arbor, Mich., this weekend for a two-game CCHA series with No. 7-ranked Michigan.

Senior Danny Dries is back with part two of his blog:
Buckeye Nation, what's good!? This past weekend we played well and managed to sweep Northern Michigan University. Thanks to all the fans that made it out to The Schott this weekend for the support! And a special thanks to the student section, "The Knucklebucks", and those guys in the red suits behind the penalty box! Word is they are planning on being around all year, looks like I'm going to have to work on staying focused on the action on the ice and not on them for the rest of the year!

A lot of guys stepped up for us this weekend and really set the tone for the sweep. Chris "The Colonel" Crane managed to overcome a bee sting on Thursday to not only play, but score the game winning goal. Guy has the heart of a champion! On Saturday Curtis Gedig managed to score the first goal of his Buckeye career on a clap bomb from the point. Everyone was really happy for him except our equipment manager Timmy Adams, who now has to find a new helmet for Curtis after his head grew about five sizes. Word around the locker room is that our strength trainer Brian Unverferth is now looking into new training methods after watching Matt Johnson attempt to curl Northern Michigan defensemen all weekend.

In recent Movember news Alex Carlson hit a real road bump while attempting to dye his mustache like captain Cory Schneider. Carly left in the mustache dye a little too long and managed to dye his skin, while attempting to get the dye out of his skin he somehow scabbed his entire upper lip. Some guys just can't handle Movember! Which leads us to our week 1 Movember power rankings:

Top 5 Staches
Paul Kirtland - Slow and steady is the name of the game for Paul.
Cory Schneider* - Schneids has a little extra motivation in that he is looking into ways to transplant his mustache onto his receding hair line at the end of the month.
Justin DaSilva - The Danny Almonte of Movember, his birth certificate is currently being questioned.
Cal Heeter* - So in love with his stache they may soon be facebook official!
Coach Osiecki - Looking pretty intimidating behind the bench this month.

Bottom 5 Staches (From really bad to just bad)
Alex Carlson* - Scabs don't count as mustaches.
Tanner Fritz - Really creepy looking stache, he's missing the middle portion of it.
Travis Statchuk - If only he was as thin as his mustache. Chris Crane- His girlfriend isn't allowing him to grow a stache.
Sean Duddy - I'm convinced his caregiver at the retirement home he lives in has been shaving his stache while he sleeps.
* - Used "Performance Enhancers" (aka Just for Men dye)

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Thanks to everyone for reading this week! Go Bucks!