Buckeyes In The NFL

Buckeyes In The NFL:


(As of Oct. 6th, 2016)

Former Buckeyes currently active in the NFL. Their current NFL team, and (the year(s) they lettered at Ohio State).

Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns
Pyror, Terrelle (WR)

Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers
Heyward, Cameron (DE) (2007-10)
Shazier, Ryan (LB) (2011-13)

Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals
Nugent, Mike (K) (2001-04)

Houston Texans Houston Texans
Simon, John (LB) (2009-12)
Miller, Braxton (WR)

Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts
Mewhort, Jack (OL) (2010-13)
Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars
Bennett, Michael (DT) (2011-14)

New Englad Patriots New England Patriots
Ebner, Nate (DB) (2008-11)

Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills
Jones, Cardale (QB)
Washington, Adolphus (DL)

New York Jets New York Jets
Marshall, Jalin (WR) )
Mangold, Nick (C) (2002-05)
Lee, Darron (LB)

Denver Broncos Denver Broncos
Roby, Bradley (CB) (2011-13)
Heuerman, Jeff (TE) (2011-14)

San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers
Bosa Joey (DE)
Perry, Joshua (LB)

New York Giants New York Giants
Apple, Eli (CB)
Hankins, Johnathan (DT) (2010-12)

Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles
Jenkins, Malcolm (DB) (2005-08)

Washington Redskins Washington Redskins
Whitner, Donte (S)

Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys
Elliott, Ezekiel (RB)
Smith, Rod (RB)

Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons
Hawk, AJ (LB)

Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers
Brown, Corey (WR) (2012-13)
Norwell, Andrew (OL) (2010-12)
Ginn, Ted (WR) (2004-06)
Coleman, Kurt (DB) (2006-09)

New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints
Thomas, Michael (WR)
Bell, Vonn (S)
Laurinaitis, James (LB)

Chicago Bears Chicago Bears
Adams, Mike (OT)

Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions
Decker, Taylor (OT)

Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings
Boone, Alex (OL)

St. Louis Rams Los Angeles Rams
McQuaide, Jake (LS) (2008-10)

San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers
Hyde, Carlos (RB) (2010-13)
Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks
Powell, Tyvis (S)
Vannett, Nick (TE)