Buckeyes In The NFL

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(As of July 2nd, 2014)

Former Buckeyes currently active in the NFL. Their current NFL team, and (the year(s) they lettered at Ohio State).

Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns
Fragel, Reid (OL) (2009-12)
Witner, Donte (DB) (2003-05)

Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens
Simon, John (LB) (2009-12)
Spitler, Austin (LB) (2006-09)

Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers
Adams, Mike (OT) (2008-11)
Allen, Will (DB) (2000-03)
Browning, Bryant (OL) (2007-10)
Hall, Jordan (RB) (2009-13)
Heyward, Cameron (DE) (2007-10)
Shazier, Ryan (LB) (2011-13)

Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals
Nugent, Mike (K) (2001-04)
Sanzenbacher, Dane (WR) (2007-10)
Houston Texans Houston Texans
Posey, DeVier (WR) (2008-11)

Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts
Herron, Dan (RB) (2008-09, 2011)
Mewhort, Jack (OL) (2010-13)
Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars
Brewster, Michael (C) (2008-11)

Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans
Robiskie, Brians (WR) (2005-08)

Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins
Hartline, Brian (WR) (2006-08)

New Englad Patriots New England Patriots
Ebner, Nate (DB) (2008-11)
Smith, Will (DE) (2000-03)

Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills
Williams, Nathan (LB) (2008-10)
New York Jets New York Jets
Mangold, Nick (C) (2002-05)

Denver Broncos Denver Broncos
Roby, Bradley (CB) (2011-13)

San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers
Boren, Zach (FB) (2009-11)

New York Giants New York Giants
Barnett, C.J. (DB) (2009-13) Hankins, Johnathan (DT) (2010-12)
Howard, Travis (CB) (2009-11)

Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles
Jenkins, Malcolm (DB) (2005-08)

Washington Redskins Washington Redskins
Worthington, Doug (DE) (2007-09)

Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers
Brown, Corey (WR) (2012-13)
Norwell, Andrew (OL) (2010-12)
Russell, Anderson (WR) (2006-09)

Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions
Shugarts, J.B. (OL) (2008-11)
Sims, Rob (OL) (2002-05)

Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers
Hawk, A.J. (LB) (2002-05)
Linsley, Corey (OL) (2010-12)
Stoneburner, Jake (TE) (2009-12)
Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings
Coleman, Kurt (DB) (2006-09)

St. Louis Rams St. Louis Rams
Bryant, Christian (DB) (2010-13)
Laurinaitis, James (LB) (2005-08)
McQuaide, Jake (LS) (2008-10)
Sabino, Etienne (LB) (2008-09, 2011)
San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers
Boone, Alex (G) (2005-08)
Hyde, Carlos (RB) (2010-13)
Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals
Ballard, Jake (TE) (2006-09)
Ginn, Ted (WR) (2004-06)
Johnson, Orhian (2009-11)
Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks
Pryor, Terrelle (QB) (2008-09)

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