Did You Know ? - October 30, 2013
Cornerback Marlon Kerner (1991-1994)

Oct. 30, 2013

Did you know two of the three 100-yard interception returns for a touchdown in Ohio State history happened in West Lafayette?

On October 18, 1986, early in the third quarter of a 39-11 OSU victory, Buckeye safety David Brown intercepted Purdue quarterback Doug Downing's pass four yards deep in the end zone. His momentum carrying him out of the end zone, Brown took off down the sideline and never stopped running.

"You get an interception in the end zone, you're supposed to fall down," he told the Columbus Dispatch following the game. "But all I could see was green, and all I could think about was running. My instincts as a high-school running back came back to me, I guess."

Brown's 100-yard return was the first of its kind for OSU, and is the longest interception return possible in collegiate football as return records do not include yardage from inside the end zone.

Seven years later, on October 23, 1993, Buckeye cornerback Marlon Kerner matched the feat, intercepting Boilermaker quarterback Rick Trefzger in the second quarter of OSU's 45-24 win and taking it the length of the field.

"(The receiver) looked back and I just came in front of him and it was like `see ya,'" Kerner told The Lantern after the game. "All I saw when I caught the ball was the fans at the other end in the end zone. I wasn't going to let anybody catch me."

The only other Buckeye with an interception return of 100 yards is safety Will Allen, whose pick-six came against San Diego State in 2003.