Postgame Press Conference Transcript - Braxton Miller and Coach Meyer

Oct. 19, 2013

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COACH MEYER: Thanks for coming. I'd like to start, I tell our players to not not appreciate things, victory meals those type of things. And I always tell them to not not appreciate that stadium and our fans. Once again, incredible turnout, incredible noise when we needed it. I would like to thank Buckeye Nation. I heard some stats, second half only had the ball seven minutes. That was a heck of a team. I knew going into it it was going to be a physical team. Their defensive line is outstanding and one of the leading rushing teams, rushing defenses. So offense, I really, really was pleased with our performance. We dropped back -- we dropped it back on first down more than we probably have in one game, more than we have in probably a year and a half. So that's showing that we have much more confidence in our receivers than we ever have and certainly our quarterback. I thought Braxton played really well. Defensively, very disappointed in the first half. Felt we were getting pushed around. And I thought in the second half they did a much better job, much better job. But once again you've got to give them credit, that's a good outfit we beat and a tough physical game. So the best thing about 7-0 is the chance to go 8-0.

Q. You had two rushing TDs today. Could you talk about the run by Hyde where he gets rocked, gathers himself? And then also, if you would, the Roby hit, which our guys are calling more incidental than targeting. What was your take?
COACH MEYER: I thought it was below. You guys could see -- was it below the shoulder? That's my question. I guess I don't know. I got fined $30,000 one time for going after an official. So I'm not going to do that. But I'm curious to find out the rule and the replay official. That's supposed to be all replayed. If that's not true, then I need an answer. Not I...we need an answer for that. Carlos played very well. It was a wild play from what I heard and saw up on the big screens. Feeding off of each other, that offensive line, Carlos. That was a very, very good rush defense.

Q. What did you see was the problem on defense, was it simply getting pushed around, your defense?
COACH MEYER: The tape. Did you say tape?

Q. You said they got pushed around. Was there anything that you saw?
COACH MEYER: I don't know. I'll let you know next week. I'm more of a yeller and screamer and let the defensive coaches make their adjustments. I'm going to point out a guy, too, when you lose a Christian Bryant, I keep looking for that next guy and I found him, I think. It's No. 10, Philly Brown. The emotional guy that's in that locker room and the kickoff team. He was outstanding. I'm saying Philly Brown. Philly Brown I would walk across the street from him last year. Now he's a guy is an incredible leader. I just looked at him: Don't let me down. He was phenomenal today. He was picking up the slack that Christian Bryant -- Christian's unique. The people that devalue and don't understand that never have been in the locker room never been in the huddle, having that energy source. But back to your question, defensively, I thought we had done such a good job defending the run. We didn't give up that many yards. We kept 100 some yards. I thought it was worse than that, but it was headed that way in the first half.

Q. Braxton was talking about getting healthy and we could tell --
COACH MEYER: He was tight with the ball, too.

Q. And Carlos is obviously running really hard. Is that the kind of complementary play you need in your offense? It looks like, if you're going to get where you want to go, the offense is going to have to impress everybody with that kind of play.
COACH MEYER: I think you throw in the fact that I think we had more second and two, second and one, second and threes than we've had all year. That's because dropping back on first down and kept throwing the hitches and curls and flat routes. And that's what -- kind of what I wanted. That's what I'm used to when we're really good. Right now we're very balanced. I'd expect our rushing offense to be like that. But I'm even more impressed, 22 of 27. No turnovers in the pass game. And a lot of that was on first down. You think about a couple of misfires, and very, very good production throwing the ball.

Q. The big play they hit, how distressed were you that the pursuit couldn't get to the big guy there?
COACH MEYER: Very concerned. 45s when we were recruiting them, find out who was giving us these 40 times. I didn't see the play. I was working on offense. I looked up --

Q. (Indiscernible).

Q. Mentioned 22 of 27, Braxton's efficiency throwing the ball, but he had a lot of time. Your offensive line did a superb job in protection. Would you talk about that, please?
COACH MEYER: We called all five of the guys up. Taylor Decker is coming of age. I feel good about him. I feel good about the line and that's where winning football, certainly offensive football starts. And they're my favorite players on the team. Those five guys, that's where you start.

Q. On Wednesday, Braxton said the last couple of games he hadn't felt like his old self. Had you noticed any limited ability with him physically compared to what he did today?
COACH MEYER: I just noticed in practice he looked really good this past week. We were plus one week so we went pretty hard Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I can always tell when he's feeling good, when he's running, carrying out fakes. Those type of things. And he's becoming a much better practice player and obviously that correlates to production. I can see it now, he looks better, he looks like he feels great.

Q. Two things, number one, I think this is now your third win streak of 20 games or more, which is fairly unique as a coach. What does that mean to you at all? Does it mean anything at all? And what do you think is sort of behind it?
COACH MEYER: Some day I imagine when I'm an old guy sitting somewhere they'll say that's kind of cool. But right now it means I'm blessed to have a bunch of very good players and a bunch of great coaches. I didn't even know that; that's interesting.

Q. The other thing, not -- to decide to go for it on the fourth and long play near the end of the first half, what was the thinking there?
COACH MEYER: Well, we were into the breeze a little bit. That would have been, what was it, a 48-yard field goal or something like that, a long field goal in the breeze. I thought about punting it. I think he was throwing the ball good and receivers were catching the ball good. So I decided to take a chance there. And you look at the time left in the half, and I thought we could stop them, which we did. So that's why we did it.

Q. You had talked about having Dontre Wilson be more than just a novelty. He was out there a little more. Didn't have a game-breaking play or anything but just when you have guys like that in the game, does it help open other stuff up, help Jordan Hall?
COACH MEYER: Certainly number one does. The tendency, that's what we do with a bye week, the statistical analysis, that heavily that he's involved. A lot of them were read plays where he could have thrown it, Dontre or him handing the ball off. We'll get him more active because he's working hard after -- he knows he's not going to play much unless he learns to be a full-time player.

Q. We're getting to that point in the year where teams start to fall away. Teams get to deal with losses, teams deal with injuries and all that stuff. How much do you preach to your players appreciating the accomplishment of just a basic win because it gets you one step closer to where you want to go, how much do you emphasize that to them with all that goes on?
COACH MEYER: I try to stay away from that. I want us to be on one step closer to where we want to go. Where we want to go it's to beat Penn State next week. And our focus -- I wish I had our guys living on a desert island, cuz I don't want to hear anything else except to go win No. 8. That's twice now we've come back from being behind after all season. And something I want to make sure there's no noise in the system, because for some reason we're not starting as fast as we used to. So I'm going to address that real hard tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday in practice because we have to go, because some day it's not going to turn out that way. I want to focus on what's important.

Q. You leave here feeling what? You leave here with feeling what?

Q. You have defense --
COACH MEYER: I leave here. I'll do that tomorrow. I learned a lesson in my life. I'm going to enjoy this win. I feel outstanding. I'm going to go hug my players and my family, go to work tomorrow. But tonight I'm not worrying about any defense. I'm going to enjoy this win. Thanks. See ya.


Q. Braxton, you made quite a few moves. Do you feel 100 percent? You kept a lot of plays alive today.
Braxton Miller: I feel pretty good. I feel the knee brace gave me a little constriction. Running, strides. Feels pretty good.

Q. Braxton, you had a pretty efficient day: 22 of 27 passing. Ran for more than 100. Did you feel like you were sort of maybe a little bit more in control than you've been? Efficiency, that's a pretty high standard, it seemed today?
Braxton Miller: Right. I don't feel as well since the first game of the season. I had a knee injury and set me back a little bit, but felt pretty good out there, good week of preparation. And the "O" line did a hell of a job and coaching and it showed on the field.

Q. The defense struggled in the first half. How much did you guys as an offense feel like you had to score on every possession? And also could you talk about Carlos's touchdown run?
Braxton Miller: You know, sometimes it ain't going to go as you want it to go. So that's why you gotta (indiscernible); they've got to lean us, that's what we did. You tell them to pick it up for them. And that run by Carlos, it's God-given. To be tackled like that and keep moving forward, that's sweet.

Q. Couple things. Number one, did you punt the ball on that last play?
Braxton Miller: Yeah. I feel like it's a tradition, I feel every time we win at home I punt the ball.

Q. 22 seconds left, you weren't worried?
Braxton Miller: No, just went out of bounds.

Q. Bill was just asking you, how frustrating was it not to be on the field? They had the ball for 18 minutes in the first half. How frustrating was it for the offense not to be out there?
Braxton Miller: Some of the guys pointed that out to me, too. They are just trying to run down the clock so we can't be on the field score points, like we did. And we just need to stop on defense. That's what they did, took advantage of it.

Q. Just want to ask about the touchdown to Philly. You guys needed a big play there to even the game up. And what do you see there, a coverage break, apparently he's wide open over the top. What happened on that?
Braxton Miller: You've got two playmakers in the backfield. They point out Donte, because he does outside sweeps and stuff like that. Good play by coach. The preparation with that play and studying film and they played that formation.

Q. Braxton, obviously your third game back, is that what this offense can be, what you guys were in the third quarter, and does it finally feel good to get that game under your belt?
Braxton Miller: Feels really good out there. Just came together. Defense wasn't doing as good as it was, and just lean on each other and that's how it should be. The offense take advantage of what's in front of them.

Q. Looked like they played a lot of cover two with a man under. How much have you guys seen that this year, and how difficult is that for this offense to throw the ball against?
Braxton Miller: Only time I seen it was against our defense in camp. That was way in August and July. We made adjustment with it. I just read the coverage. If the first read ain't there, it's easy enough for me to get the first down on my feet.

Q. Just some of the moves you made in the open field were routes we've seen from you before. Just how does it feel to know that you could do that again and that your knee would hold up and how hard was it the past couple of games when you were playing but maybe feeling like you couldn't do that?
Braxton Miller: Right. Carl brought that up to me again. Exciting to make that. I just did like how I'm supposed to do and got treated the whole week and it helps.