Celebration Time!

Oct. 8, 2013

Dear Dept. of Athletics,

I just wanted to relay a quick bit of information to you:

We attended the Ohio State/Northwestern game on Saturday night (exciting win for the Buckeyes). We were seated directly behind the Ohio State bench. We subsequently stayed after the conclusion to celebrate.

As the players were leaving the stadium, Evan Spencer, Carlos Hyde and Corey ("Philly') Brown all came over to the railing where we were standing (fully clad in our OSU attire). Corey subsequently lifted my 8-year old son over the railing and took him onto the sideline for a short time.

Needless to say, he's still telling everyone he sees about it. My wife sent Corey a quick note on his Twitter account to let him know how much we appreciate his thoughtfulness, at a time when he certainly could have headed straight to the locker room.

Carlos and Evan were also giving high-fives and seemed to be genuinely "enjoying the moment."

I just thought it would be beneficial to the athletic department or football personnel to hear about a positive thing about their players. It is certainly important that they hear about things like this.



Randall Yessenow, MD


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