Football: Former Buckeyes Speak to Ohio State Football Team
COLUMBUS, Ohio - A number of experts spoke out in an evening program presented by OSU's athletics compliance department to members of the Buckeye football squad Thursday.

The panel included Scottie Graham, a Buckeye running back from 1988-91 and now on staff with the National Football League Players Association; Anthony Gonzalez, an Ohio State wide receiver from 2004-06 who now plays for the Indianapolis Colts; Roy Hall, a Buckeye receiver from 2003-06 now with the Indianapolis Colts; and Will Allen, an OSU corner from 2000-03 who plays for the Miami Dolphins.

The group touched on a variety of pertinent topics, including the responsibility of being an Ohio State student-athlete, ways to succeed in the classroom and in life, avoiding substance abuse and gambling, and financial and other awareness issues when planning a professional sports career.

Scottie Graham: "It's all about money, and you need to be smart. When you get into the business world, whether it's the sports business or any business, a lot of people will want to align themselves with you because of your earning potential. So you have to be smart; not everyone is genuinely your friend. Do whatever you have to do to protect you name and your money for yourself and for your family."

Anthony Gonzalez: "Ohio State is known for a bond among its athletes, a camaraderie that starts here but those friendships carry over. Not every program has that, and what the Buckeyes have is exceptional. Always take pride that you are from Ohio State."

Roy Hall: "It's different when you get into pro football from how it is in college. These guys in this room with you, their friendship, how they are there for you - you don't always have that in a pro locker room. The teams that have that togetherness are very special and go on to do special things. Treasure what you have right now. It's all about the love."

Will Allen: "Cherish your moments at Ohio State and the friends and teammates you have here. They really are people you will rely on the rest of your life."