800 Attend Urban Meyer Student Town Hall Meeting
Coach Urban Meyer

May 16, 2012

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State Coach Urban Meyer has made it clear how much he believes in the support of the student body. He has done one-on-one interviews with the school newspaper. He held special spring practice for the students and allowed them to get so close "they could hear in the huddle," as he told one reporter. He's been true to his word about giving the students access and ownership of "their" football team.

Last night, in the Archie M. Griffin Grand Ballroom in the spectacular student center known as the Ohio Union, Meyer gave the students another remarkable experience as he and some of his fellow coaches and wives spent close to 90 minutes with about 800 students in a student-only "town hall" style event.

The event was emceed by student leader Jared Kamrass and featured warm-up acts that included skilled jump rope artists, a couple of rappers and Rob Gleisser, a Birkenstock-wearing, mandolin-playing student artist who sang a clever ode to President Gordon Gee. Students enjoyed pizza, chips, salsa, snacks, brownies and granola throughout the evening.

They appeared to have a great time, too, asking at least two dozen questions of Coach Meyer, his wife Shelley, Luke and Amy Fickell, Mike and Jen Vrabel and strength coach Mickey Marotti. You be the judge, though. Click on the photo album link above to see for yourself.