Buckeyes work before taking a Spring Break
Members of the football team help out at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

March 19, 2012

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - About 60 members of the Ohio State football team put in a little extra effort during final exams week to help others. Three different waves of players went to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank on Wednesday to pack boxes of food for senior citizens in need within the Mid-Ohio region and also for those in the Southeastern Ohio Foodbank region.

The foodbank packs these boxes once a month and typically during the middle of the month so the food arrives to the seniors around the time when fixed-income finances can get tight. A total of 975 boxes were packed by the Buckeyes with supplies that included canned fruits and vegetables, cereal, boxed milk, dry beans, pasta, rice, juices and various canned proteins (meat, chili and stew, etc.).

"It [packing boxes] builds team bonding and it's a nice way to help out the community," junior defensive end John Simon said. "It's a fun thing so it's good for us. So many people look up to us, so to be able to give back for everything they give us is tremendous."

"It [the supplemental food program] is a government subsidized program where we package about a four or five day supply of shelf staple food to distribute to qualified senior citizens in 18 of the 20 counties we serve to help them get over that hump until their monthly stipend or government support comes in," Dave Phillips, Vice President of Operations at the foodbank said. "It gives these young men a chance to give back and for us to show them what we do and how important it is."

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