Postgame Quotes From No. 4 Ohio State vs. No. 20 Michigan

Nov. 24, 2012

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No. 4 Ohio State (12-0, 8-0 Big Ten) 26, No. 20 Michigan (8-4, 6-2 Big Ten) 21
Ohio Stadium - Columbus, Ohio
Nov. 24, 2012
Attendance: 105,899

Drew Basil, junior kicker
On the pressure to make kicks
"I didn't feel any pressure. George [Makridis], Kenny [Guiton] and the whole kicking unit did their jobs, which makes mine easier. It's a lot easier to make kicks when you have the best snapper and holder in America."

On his long field goal to end the first half
"I just wanted to go out there and hit a solid ball. It wasn't my best shot, but it went through. I secretly I had my Xbox controller out there maneuvering it."

Corey Brown, Ohio State junior wide receiver
On the senior class
"That's what this whole season has been about. It's been our motto the whole season: to win as many games as possible for the seniors. We wanted to send them out the right way because they didn't deserve this bowl ban but they never complained about it. They came every day and worked at practice, and that's why Coach Meyer calls them the most unselfish group."

On defeating rival Michigan
"It's always great to beat them, especially after what they did to us last year. You don't want to lose too many games to Michigan in your career."

Christian Bryant, Ohio State junior safety
On the difference in the second half
"We made adjustments in the locker room. The defensive coaches told us that we needed to stop No. 16 [Robinson] because we knew he wasn't going to throw the ball because of his wrist."

On going undefeated
"I thank the seniors for giving us faith and working hard throughout the whole season. It feels great [to be 12-0]. We had to take it out for the seniors. That was our motto this season, and that's what we did."

On the play led to Denard Robinson's 67-yard rushing touchdown
"It was a collision between me and Travis [Howard]. He hit [Robinson] on the right side and I hit him on the left side. Travis and I actually collided and hit heads on that play, and [Travis] was shaken up afterwards. Those are plays we need to overcome like we did in the second half."

Ben Buchanan, Ohio State senior punter
On the 2012 squad
"This team was one that would not accept anything less than 12-0. I have been working on my skills and trying to improve my abilities so I can help us reach that cause."

On his last punt as a Buckeye
"When it occurred to me it might be my last one, I just pointed to the sky and it felt right. I do not know many players who can walk away from the game like that, so I feel very blessed."

On how the team will be remembered
"I think the team will be remembered as a very unselfish team that had to come together through tough circumstances. I was so proud of the way my teammates rallied and refused to lose. To be a senior on this team is an honor."

Zach Boren, Ohio State senior linebacker
On recovering the fumble
"The fumble happened and I dove after it while taking a kick to the head. Needless to say my head was spinning for a minute but it was something I was used to as a fullback. I was completely fine and it felt great to make the play."

On the toughness of the team
"This team is tough all the way from the seniors to the freshman and extends to the coaching staff. The way we train, how the coaches drill us, it all comes from turning the little things into big things."

Carlos Hyde, junior running back
On the key to his second-half performance
"I was being patient and trusting my read and when I found that read I had to make sure to explode through the opening."

On the big game atmosphere at Ohio Stadium
"That's exactly why I came here, to play in big games like this against our rival in the 'Shoe. Having a shot at being undefeated made it even more special."

Braxton Miller, Ohio State sophomore quarterback
On posting a 12-0 record
"It's a perfect season, you can't ask for anything better. You have to get all the wins you can, especially against The Team Up North and at home."

On what led to the perfect season
"After we beat Michigan State - the toughness we showed in that game - I thought we could have a chance to take it the whole way."

On seeking revenge against Michigan
"It didn't come up much. We have this thing going on where we never worry about games from last year or previous years. It ties in with the tradition; you have to win at home against them."

On this team's personality
"I've never been around a team like this. The toughness and the swag we have had throughout the whole year, I'm just thankful this team is 12-0."

On senior John Simon missing the game because of injury
"He's a hell of a player. The defensive scheme he's in, the pressure coming from the outside, other players had to step up."

On Ohio State's passing game vs. Michigan
"Since I didn't have as much school this week I could go in and watch film more, that ties in with the preparation with the passing game. I stayed in the film room at least seven hours, went home took a break, then came back."

Etienne Sabino, senior linebacker
On finding a way to win without John Simon
"It hurt to lose him. He's the heart and soul of the team. He puts it all on the line for himself and his teammates every day, so it was tough when we found out he couldn't play. We got through it though. I'm proud of our guys."

On being undefeated
"It still hasn't hit me. I keep thinking about it and I can't get over the fact we're 12-0. How many other teams can say that?"

Ryan Shazier, Ohio State sophomore linebacker
On the importance of the undefeated season
"It's amazing because we worked so hard. The seniors have been through so much, so we tried to dedicate this season to them."

On John Simon
"It was rough not knowing if he was going to play. I thought the whole week that he was going to play. When he told us he wasn't going to play, we had to bring it in together as a team, like when [Etienne] Sabino got hurt. We had to win it for him."

Stewart Smith, Ohio State senior linebacker
On the importance of the undefeated season
"We're not worried about everyone else in the country right now. What we were able to come together as a team this year is what's important. Going out there and beating a great team and putting a cap on a great season feels great."

On going undefeated
"It means a lot. Obviously we put together a long run, and to finish it the way we wanted to means the world to us. It means all the work we did in the offseason culminated."

Brady Hoke, Michigan head coach
On loss to Ohio State
"It is hard to win when you turn the ball over four times and don't convert third and short opportunities. We played well enough to win at times, but gave up too many 4 and 5 yard runs in the end."

On failed fourth down attempt in the fourth quarter
"I felt good about our offense because they had just gotten two first downs in a row and I had confidence in our defense as well, so we went for it."

On offensive line play
"Our offensive line played good at times and they played bad at times, but win or lose all games are decided in the trenches."

On Ohio State running game
"Our senior leaders had our defense prepared for Braxton and Hyde, but Ohio State out-leveraged us at times."

Denard Robinson, Michigan senior quarterback
On the second half
"We had too many turnovers. That's why we lost. In order to win this game, you have to have control of the ball. Unfortunately, we did not have much success running the ball in the second half."

On lack of passing attempts
"I can throw. We went with the plays coach was calling and we thought would be successful. However, I do feel comfortable throwing the ball."

Roy Roundtree, Michigan senior wide receiver
On the game
"We prepared well. It was a tough game but we just need to look at the mistakes we made and improve."