Postgame Quotes From Ohio State vs. Penn State

Nov. 19, 2011

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No. 21 Penn State (9-2, 6-1 Big Ten) 20, Ohio State (6-5, 3-4 Big Ten) 14
Ohio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio
Nov. 19, 2011
Attendance: 105,493


Mike Brewster, senior offensive lineman
On the loss
"It's hard to swallow. That's how the game goes sometimes. I was saying downstairs that I'm proud of the way the guys have handled the season and been through many tough times. I'm just trying to keep my head up and stick with these guys. You throw the records out the window, we have Michigan next week."

On the season
"It's been one of the toughest challenges for me, just week in and week out to handle the emotions and I'm sure it's the same for a lot of guys. This team has done a heck of a job moving forward and grinding it out even though we're 6-5. I don't think people understand; we've had to scrap for those six wins. We came up short in a few others and it's been a crazy year and I'm proud of these guys for sticking together and not pointing fingers. No one ever pointed a finger and just kept fighting."

On shotgun snaps
"I wish we could have a few of those back. I've had some snap problems in the past and it's something I'm always continuing to work on. I felt like the ball was a little slick but it's not an excuse. It's something I've got to continue to work on and get better throughout my career."

Jake Stoneburner, junior tight end
On the state of the team
"Well, all I can say is its Michigan week. We've obviously lost five games this year. That's not great at all but now our focus is on Michigan."

On the emotions of the team
"We're in a situation a lot of guys on the team haven't been in before. We lost five games in a season for the first time since I've been here. Guys aren't used to that. It's a little different than what we're used to. If I did the math right, I don't think we've lost five games in my three years prior to this one."

John Simon, junior defensive lineman
On the second half
"Penn State has a good offense and they showed it tonight. In the second half we fought hard and got some big plays. Unfortunately we did it all too late."

On the spirit of the defense
"I was excited we fought hard until the end, especially on the four-down stand at the goal line. That's something we can all keep with ourselves."

DeVier Posey, senior wide receiver
On the game
"It felt normal to be out there, to be with the guys. I was excited, I just hope the young guys learned a lot tonight."

On the last offensive drive
"It was all about staying positive. I hate to see the "given-up" spirit in guys. We had to keep fighting. It's just a game, it's not something to let affect you on a personal level."

Ryan Shazier, freshman linebacker
On the game
It was bittersweet. I had the best game I could but we couldn't pull it out. I wanted to win for the seniors especially Andrew Sweat so I could make him proud."

On starting today
"It was really exciting. I was nervous the first two snaps but took a big hit once and got up. After that I got back to playing like I normally do in practice."

On the wildcat
"It caught us by surprise at first because we hadn't seen it all year. Once we settled down we adjusted and covered out gap. We did much better with it later in the game."

On the Michigan game
"We will do our best to stop Denard Robinson and the entire offense. We want to get a win for coach and the seniors. We want to finish the season on a strong note."

Orhian Johnson, junior strong safety
On the problems in the game
"I can't pinpoint it; we haven't seen any film yet. It came down to us making plays and we didn't do that in the first half. That hurt us for sure."

On the loss for the seniors
"It hurts because those guys came in with me but I redshirted. You want to do everything for the seniors, as we do every year, but it just hurts we couldn't get them the win tonight."

On a win against Michigan
"It won't heal the pain from tonight, but we always aim to go up there and beat the team up north."

On DeVier Posey
"It was great to see him back out there. He was making great plays. I'm real close with him so it was great to see him do well. He's a great person and great player to have back."

Mike Adams, senior offensive lineman
On what went wrong today
"To be honest I'm not sure. Communication is so important. I think tonight we could have done that a lot better."

On DeVier Posey
"He came out ready to play. I think he showed that. It's great to have another leader out there on the field during the game."

On senior day
"To come out without a win in my last home game at the Shoe hurts a lot. But, it meant a lot to be able to go out there and play. I'll never play here in the Shoe again, which is a crazy feeling. I'll always remember the great times like the fans rushing the field versus Wisconsin. You come here to OSU to play in those big games."

Boom Herron, senior running back
On the game
"I'm disappointed to lose at home on senior day. We came into the game wanting to go out with a bang. Obviously that just didn't' happen. It was emotional before and after the game. Every time you take a loss it's hard but especially on senior day. "

On Ohio State Head Coach Luke Fickell
"He always supports us no matter what. I've been very supportive of him. I think he's a great coach and I wish him nothing but the best."

On fumbling the ball
"Every time you fumble you feel bad. But, in the end you just have to pick yourself back up and keep playing the game."

Johnathan Hankins, sophomore defensive linebacker
On moving forward from the loss
"It was a tough loss, but we're going into our last game of the year, and it's Michigan we're playing, so we need to buckle down and get ready. The team is focused right now and we know we can't be distracted."

On blocking Penn State at 4th and goal
"The goal is for the linebackers to block penetration and fill in the holes. That's what I did and what stopped them from scoring."

On Penn State's running game
"They got us with their rushing in the first half. The second half we buckled down and were able to stop them, but they made it a good battle."




Tom Bradley, head coach
On the team
"I challenged the guys on the team to show a lot of character and resolve and they did. I challenged them before the game, we talked about the last two teams to win here were '78 and '08. I wanted to know how you're (the team) going to be remembered."

On his first win as a coach
"This win isn't about me; it's about the players and this team. I don't think any team in the history of college football has been through so much in such a time period and to hang in there and fight their way through it is great. They have been great on the field, great in the classroom and I couldn't be prouder of them. "

On the Ohio State crowd
"You have to take your hat off to them and I did walking off the field after warm-ups when they stood up and cheered us. That was first class. This is a first class group and university at Ohio State."

On the defense defending Braxton Miller
"He is difficult to contain. One thing that has helped us is that we have seen a couple running quarter backs in the last few weeks. We had an advantage there; this wasn't the first time we were preparing for a running quarterback. He is very shifty and quick. Everybody we have played so far is a different style of runner and he is very elusive."

Anthony Fera, sophomore kicker
On his field goal at the end of the first half
"It was big. It put us up by six instead of just three. It proved to make a difference at the end when they needed a touchdown instead of just a field goal."

On having a chance to play in the Big Ten Championship Game
"It's awesome for us. Wisconsin is a great team. We're going to go back and look at the film and get ready for them."

Drew Astorino, senior safety
On the team's mentality coming into today
"You never want to go on a two-game losing streak. We had a little adversity coming into today and had to come into a tough road environment. We're building every day and every game."

On having a chance to play in the Big Ten Championship Game
"Next week is a big game for us. Not very many teams come in here and win. We're proud of ourselves but we've still got more work to do."

Matt McGloin, junior quarterback
On the team's last two weeks
"It's the first time anyone has had to go through something like this. We had great fans today and they gave us lots of support. It's good to hear Joe's cancer is treatable. Everyone who knows him knows he'll fight it until the end."

On the team's mindset coming into today
"We wanted to build an early lead. We did that and were able to score 20 points in the first half. This is a tough environment to play in, and it's important to get off to a strong start in these kind of places."

Stephfon Green, senior tailback
On his season
"I've just been trying to take advantage of my opportunities. I'm learning from my mistakes, and I'm always trying to get better."

On the team's last two weeks
"To have a shot at the Big Ten championship means a lot. We're going to go into Madison with our heads on straight and try and take care of our business."