Postgame Quotes From Ohio State vs. Indiana

Nov. 5, 2011

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Ohio State (6-3. 3-2 Big Ten) 34, Indiana (1-9, 0-6 Big Ten) 20
Ohio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio
Nov. 5, 2011
Attendance: 105,195


Andrew Sweat, senior linebacker
On Travis Howard's interception near the end of the game
"It was awesome. [Indiana] was driving and they had already gotten a couple of big first downs. If they would have scored there, they would have tied the game."

On the game
"It was an early game. You have to be ready as soon as you wake up for these games. Indiana played tough and had a great effort. It was important for us to get the win and keep going."

Tyler Moeller, senior defensive back
On Indiana going 7-for-12 on third-down conversions
"It's the goal for every defense to go three-and-out. It was a little frustrating at times. It wasn't our best game. We've got to keep going and get better."

Carlos Hyde, sophomore running back
On running with patience
"Today I was being patient. When you run with power, it's important to be patient. Things open up when you're patient."

On the run blocking
"There were big holes out there. I focused on hitting the holes, not using stutters or anything. You've got to hit [the holes] quickly to break it."

On running for 100 yards along with Braxton Miller and Boom Herron
"Our confidence is really high. To have three guys go over 100 yards in the same game is huge. We did a great job running the ball today."

Jonathan Hankins, sophomore defensive lineman
On the team's performance
"They came out ready to play and we came out a little slow. We got the job done and got the win but there are always places to improve."

On the defense
"We had to keep going and keep fighting. We couldn't let down. They were constantly pushing."

On Tre Robinson's performance
"I give him a lot of credit. He's pretty good. He ran the ball a lot which I didn't expect him to do. I didn't know he was that fast. He read our defense well and found the holes."

John Simon, junior defensive tackle
On the team's performance
"It was a very good game. Their offensive line battled us for four quarters and it showed on the scoreboard. They made a few plays on us but the key this week was executing and I think we did that well."

On Tre Robinson
"He's a great player who adds great diversity to the game. He's a tough guy to stop and he was able to make some good plays against us."

Daniel "Boom" Herron, senior running back
On his 14- yard rushing performance
"I was very happy to get it going today. The offensive line made it happen. They opened holes for me which I found and just went."

On Braxton Miller's runs
"It was a good job by him and the offense as a whole. He's definitely getting better every week. You can see in practice he's a guy wanting to get better and willing to do anything to improve."

On Carlos Hyde
"He's a great guy who's working hard and getting better every week. He's got a great future ahead of him. It was really nice to see him do a great job. I told him to be patient and it would all come. It was great to see him take advantage of the opportunities given to him today."

On the intensity of Indiana
"Playing in a Big Ten game is always a big game and a fight no matter the record of the team. They came out ready to play. They're a great team and battled the entire time."

Zach Boren, junior running back
On the game
"We knew they would come in and fight. We just have to come out every game. Our mission isn't done. We have a lot of playmakers in the backfield that played great today. Carlos (Hyde), Braxton (Miller) and Boom (Herron) all had great performances."

On the reaction to Indiana's offense
"On defense it was the first time we had seen an offense like that. Coach Fickell got into it at the half but obviously he's always intense."

On Ohio State's offensive play
"With Braxton (Miller) being great with his feet we have a lot of opportunities. A lot of times on third down we can run the ball. We could have thrown a little but I'm really happy with our offensive effort."

Michael Brewster, senior offensive lineman
On the offense
"People know we can run and that's what we did today. If we have to put the game on our shoulders we can do that. When we get down to the red zone we have to score a touchdown."

On the atmosphere at halftime
"At halftime the score was 10-10. We just had to pat Braxton on the back and tell him to keep going. He's doing a really great job."

On the team's reaction
"Today was a good wakeup call because we kept going. On defense we kept grinding it out. It's good to see guys have the ability to stick it out and get the win."

Braxton Miller, freshman quarterback
On the 81-yard touchdown run setting an Ohio State record
"It was a QB draw. I took advantage of the offensive line's blocking. It was real good. It's great to be in the Ohio State record book, but I keep striving toward the next game."

On the play call of the touchdown
"It was called a run all the way. I looked to the right and 'Boom' [Herron] was in front of me so I followed his blocks. I was out of breath at the end."

Travis Howard, redshirt junior defensive back
On his fourth quarter interception
"It was with me the whole way. It was a cover two technique and I read the receiver's and the quarterback's eyes. The coaches kept screaming at us to step up and make a play, so I did. My teammates got pressure on the quarterback and made him stay in the pocket a little longer."

On the team controlling its own destiny
"We focus one game at a time. We can't look ahead, that's how we lose. Now it's time to focus on Purdue.


Kevin Wilson, head coach
Opening statement
"It was a good performance, but we didn't quite get it done. We needed a better run-defense and the offense left a few things out. We played hard and played well; we just came up short. There's not much more than that."

On Indiana's run defense against quarterback draws
"They're a good running team. [Ohio State freshman quarterback] Braxton Miller added the big run early, which was very disappointing to us.

"They were very effective in the third quarter. We knew the quarterback draw was going to be the lead play. Even when it's not draws, you have to account for him and that's just smart football. To let him out was disappointing. We worked on it in practice but just didn't get it done."

On Indiana's third-down conversions
"As poor as we've been, we've been converting and can't be stopped. We could've made the game look more salvageable and that's just disappointing. They're a running football team, and when you get them to third and one, that's where you want it, and to not be able to execute is just disappointing."

On the potential to win the game
"We thought it was an opportunity. If we had played to our advantages, we could've had a chance. We talked about having some fun, playing hard and not making mistakes. We needed to have balance. We needed to tackle. We needed to have some runs. We needed to kick it cleaner. The missed field goal was disappointing."

On playing Ohio State after OSU's 'emotional' win over Wisconsin
"I thought by looking at the matchup, if we played like we were capable, then we'd be in the game. I didn't look at their emotion. They're trying to build [momentum] down the stretch, and when you're building down the stretch, you don't think you're likely to compete. I expected them to come out and make a statement as I've seen other teams do lately. I expected they'd come out for a knockout. Watching tape, comparing the way they played and the way we played, if we played up to our capabilities then we'd win."

Kofi Hughes, sophomore wide receiver
On whether he is the team's No. 1 wide receiver
"I've just been in the right place at the right time. Tre [Roberson] has been doing a great job. I've just been trying to take advantage when the ball comes my way."

On tying the score, 20-20, in the third quarter
"That was a big positive for us. We don't believe in moral victories but we've been getting up to our potential as a team. The interception was my fault. I ran the wrong route. The rest of the day we played pretty well."

On the team's strong start
"We came out strong. People said that we were going to be like a bye week for Ohio State this week, which offended us. We didn't like that. We came in with an aggressive attitude and tried to run the ball early."

Tre Roberson, freshman quarterback
On the team's progress
"We're growing as a team. We're getting better every week. We came here to win, but we're progressing every week."

On the team's offensive productivity
"We have a lot of confidence offensively. We wanted to pound the ball, pound the ball, then throw the ball today, and try to score some points."

On the leadership of Kofi Hughes
"He's really stepped up a lot. He continues to work hard and get better every day. He's a great target to have."

Larry Black, junior defensive tackle
On Ohio State's line
"They have big guys, but we knew we could handle them. We know we have to play our techniques and everything will take care of itself."

On the team's improvement
"We've definitely taken a step forward, but we need to get across the field on third downs. We were at third and 10 on a lot of occasions, we just have to convert."

Chase Hoobler, freshman linebacker
On the team's performance
"We need to keep getting better, and that's all there is to it. We have a lot of young guys out there, and sometimes we're not as physical as we should be because we're trying to read the other team so much."

On the importance of offensive play
"I'd rather play more a proactive than reactive game. If you sit back and run the same thing on offense, the other team can pick you apart. If you throw a couple blitzes in there, they might have to play extra coverage instead of something they'd rather play."